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A message from our Transition Leader

There are three standard points of entry into QEGS: Year 7, Year 10 and Year 12. We also welcome students to QEGS in any year group at various stages throughout the academic year. For further information about your child attending QEGS, please contact Mrs A Robinson to arrange a visit, a tour, even a taster day.

I hope to see and meet you all very soon.


Mrs A Robinson
Tel: 01335 340823
Post: The Green Road, Ashbourne, Derbyshire, DE6 1EP

Useful Dates

  1. Open Evening – 27th Sept 2023 more info

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School Uniform

The uniform is available to purchase from Trutex Meir here.
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Q&A for Y6 Students/Parents/Carers

As students have lessons in lots of new subjects when they come to QEGS, we organise our Yr7 teaching groups just like in Primary School, in mixed prior attainment and according to group dynamics rather than their SATs results. We do not believe in setting limits on our students, but all have the opportunity to be stretched, challenged and supported in all subjects.

If you had a family member that attended QEGS- by selecting the House on the starter pack will ensure you are placed into the same House as your family member.

If you are new to the school or the first member of your family to attend, you will be randomly placed into a House.

The majority of students in Yr7 will study Spanish and French with a small number just studying Spanish.

There will be between 25-30 students in each class according to subject.

All homework is set and recorded via our Go4Schools system which can be accessed online at anytime.

Parents/Carers can pay using parent pay online or a cheque/cash can be deposited in school.

No, students can bring packed lunches with them & can either eat them in our main hall or the canteen.

QEGS is a big site. However, we have lots of signs around the school to help. Each classroom has a number above the door so you will get used to what areas are where. During the first few weeks we will have lots of staff around the site to help you. Our older students have also been fantastic at helping the younger students find their way.

Currently students have 5 lessons each day. There may be slight changes for September and we will update you.

Every day we have a different sporting club. We also have lots of other non-sporting clubs. A full list will be published for students when they start at QEGS.

It is highly likely that you will not be with your friends from Primary. You will meet lots of new people and break and lunch is for catching up with new and old friends. Teaching groups and form groups are different so it might be the case you are with a current friend in your form group if you fall under the same house, however, that cannot be guaranteed. Every year this is one thing students and parents worry about but within the first week of school they have all made new friends with similar interests.

We allow students to wear a watch and have one piercing in each ear lobe. During Physical education all jewellery must be removed so we recommend if you plan on having your ears pierced, get it done at the start of the summer holidays so that they can be removed by the time you start school.

Bullying is not an issue at QEGS, however if you felt you were being bullied you must report it straight away so that it can be deal with. You can speak to any member of staff, your form tutor, progress leader or if you felt like you can’t tell anyone, there is a report it button on our school system which goes direct to your Progress Leader.

All information can be found on our website.

You will need a letter from home advising us what time you need to leave school. When you arrive at school your Progress Leader must sign the letter. Then when you are due to leave you take you letter to student services who will sign you out. If you are returning to school you come back via Student Services and sign back in.

If your appointment is first thing you go straight to Student Services on arrival and sign in.

Your pencil case, a drink (not fizzy or energy drinks) a coat (weather dependent) a packed lunch if you do not have school lunches. You are due to have your school photos on the first day.

You can bring your phone to school however they must be either switched off or on silent in your bag or pocket. If you are seen with your phone in lesson or social time it will be confiscated and taken to student services. If you have it confiscated a second time your parents/carers have to come into school to collect. A select few lessons may allow you to have your phones out for interactive lessons- this is okay.

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