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We are now using Go 4 Schools to communicate with you about your child’s progress, behaviour & attendance – Please see the guidance document below

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Frequently Asked Questions: Assessment and Reporting

What happened to National Curriculum levels?
As part of reforms to the national curriculum in 2013, the Department for Education announced that ‘the current system of ‘levels’ used to report children’s attainment and progress will be removed. It will not be replaced’. Schools then had to decide what system they would use to assess and report pupil progress.

What do we do at QEGS?
Every student has a Flightpath based upon external data (including KS2 attainment, CAT scores, RAISE and FFT) which indicates what GCSE 9-1 grade they are expected to achieve at the end of Y11.
These flightpaths are reviewed throughout the year, based upon evidence including classwork/homework, summative (e.g. end of topic tests, mock exams) assessments and attendance. The Flightpath change request should never be based on just one assessment result.

How will parents/carers know how their child is progressing?
Reports are issued throughout the year: via GO 4 Schools for all years. If a student is “on track” this means they are still making progress against their Flightpath; the student has met the expected standards at this stage for their ability group and is expected to achieve their current target grade at the end of Key Stage Four.

How often can parents/carers log into GO 4 Schools?
There is no limit to the number of times you can log in.

Year 11: Why are some grades letters and others are numbers?
As GCSE qualifications are reformed, all letter grades A* to G will eventually be replaced with numbers 9 to 1. Pupils who took mathematics and English in 2017 were the first to receive the first number grades, and most other GCSE subjects will use this new system for the results in 2018. See the exams section of our website for more information on changes to GCSE qualifications and grading: Click Here

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