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At QEGS we want to reward students for meeting our standards, our core values and focus on the positive behaviours rather than the negatives displayed by the minority. Narrating and celebrating positive behaviour has a real pull effect on raising everyone’s behaviour and improving standards.

While behaving well and achieving should feel and be enough in itself, we acknowledge students like to be recognised not only with verbal praise but with things they can achieve and potentially treats they can obtain over time.

Building in a platform where points can be exchanged for real world items is intended to allow good students to gain rewards as well as praise. Our reward system will grow and change with the inputs of students and staff and we believe there are even some financial awareness lessons to be learnt along the way.

The system was tested in the last 5 weeks of the academic year 2022/23.  Over the course of this 2023/24 academic year, we are going to continue the system by allowing them to buy items we have through the QEGS reward a shop system.  We still aim to shape and review this as the system runs each half term so that the system is able to be sustained but adjusted as our needs change and the engagement of students develops.

Rewards Shop Title

Year groups will be given specific times where the shop is open to them.

  • Year 7 Monday
  • Year 8 Tuesday
  • Year 9 Wednesday
  • Year 10 Thursday
  • Year 11 Friday

Below are the consistent items that have come out of asking staff and students what our rewards stop should provide.

Standard itemValues Points
Black or red pen (from tutor/shop)20
Pencil / Rubber15
Ruler (15cm)250
Ruler (30cm)350
Clear plastic pencil case (Exam compliant)1000
Novelty pencil case—class use only2000
Mon-Thursday single day use que jump600
Friday Lunch queue jump800
Calculator (Scientific)1800

The QEGS rewards shop is located in the Level 3 entrance to the teaching block.

QEGS Rewards Shop Window

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