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Did you know we have over 100 clubs at QEGS?!

Here you will find the full range of Co-curricular clubs on offer.

Developing Students’ Well Being, Intellectual Curiosity and Social Skills

At QEGS, we value the importance of opportunities outside of the classroom and are extremely proud of our co-curricular provision. In the academic year 22-23, we offered a total of 109 different co-curricular clubs to students. These ranged from academic support sessions through to performing arts, games clubs, sports clubs and many, many more! We are very proud that 66% of students attended at least 1 activity this year, with some students attending as many as 12 different activities throughout the year.

QEGS students (from Year 7 to Year 13) in the May 2023 Co – Curricular Survey emphatically endorsed (by ranking and selecting most highly agreed) that attending the provision:

  • GAVE 46% of our students improved feelings of well – being,
  • GAVE 33% of our students the opportunity to develop their social and team skills,
  • GAVE 7% of our students the chance to develop subject specific vocabulary and encouraged our students to EXPLORE reading and research material from staff suggestions,
  • GAVE 7% of our students the CURIOSITY to read and research material and QUESTION from their OWN ideas and suggestions.

Individual Testimonials from QEGS students included:

  • ‘I have chosen social because when I came to QEGS I was shy and the clubs have really helped me with teamwork and social health.’
  • ‘Because if you don’t go to clubs you won’t improve.’
  • ‘The revision club has helped me to feel more confident in the subject and has helped me with the terminology.’
  • ‘Spending time with my friends makes me happier; singing releases serotonin, also there are lots of team skills involved in choir and I intend to go into the theatre industry.’
  • ‘I chose teamwork as it improved all of my social skills and it means I can talk to people on a wider range of topics.’
  • ‘Playing in concerts teaches you to manage stress and the importance of practice.’
  • ‘I am an introvert and going to these clubs helped me work with others and talk to them freely.’
  • ‘It has made me more inquisitive about the sport I play.
  • Volunteering allowed me to work with different ages and gave me more experience with team skills and understanding how other people approach situations and life.’
  • ‘I would say that the majority of the clubs that I do are for my own enjoyment; so it definitely helps with my own well- being as I get a lot of joy from it.’

Extended Testimonials from QEGS students included:

  • ‘I love trying to meet new people.’
  • ‘I really enjoy one of the clubs and it makes me feel better.’
  • ‘I feel productive, hence, more wellbeing.
  • ‘In band it feels like a family and I am close with everyone.’
  • ‘It improves well – being because you get to spend time with your mates.’
  • ‘Joining in Girls’ Sixth Form Football Club was a huge achievement for me and developed my skills further.’
  • ‘Sport is great for my mental well – being.’
  • ‘Because it has helped me.’
  • ‘Doing extra clubs is great fun.’
  • ‘If your well – being and feelings are good; you can be a good person.’
  • ‘Clubs encourage me to explore new things.’  ‘Helped me to understand subject terminology.’
  • ‘Running Club makes me feel good; knowing I have gone for a 5k upwards run.’
  • ‘I spend time with people from different year groups that I wouldn’t see in the day in lessons.’
  • ‘Going to rugby has helped my well – being and health.’
  • Whenever I walked out of the club I felt really good and happy.’
  • ‘It’s helped me to pronounce better English.’
  • ‘It helped my team skills; as I was always playing on a team with someone and it helped me get used to working with people.’
  • Because it helps me focus and know more.’
  • ‘Because it’s talking and discussing Maths.’
  • ‘Made me more interested in languages; as I attended the MFL club.’
  • ‘Helped me develop trust and inspires me.’
  • ‘When me and my friends are rehearsing our dances; we talk to each other about what needs improving.’
  • ‘I find it interesting to learn how to use these pieces of laser cutting software.’
  • ‘It makes it necessary to read further in order to have a full understanding of what I have learnt.’
  • ‘DND is about making up a story and playing as characters; so it’s mainly getting more confident with things like that.’
  • Astronomy club has helped my understanding of recommended subjects.’
  •  ‘It’s nice to see friends.’
  • ‘Sports are inclusive and teamwork is vital.’
  • Developed skills that I can use on my CV with examples. Teamwork and leadership.’
  • ‘I genuinely enjoy the subjects which is why I go.’
  • ‘Going to the clubs gives you purpose and helps you stay active.’
  • ‘Going to the clubs has improved my happiness as I can have fun with friends.’

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