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Vision and Values

The QEGS vision: we care, therefore we question, we explore, we give and as a result, we succeed.

We share the QEGSMAT values of Question; Explore; Give and Succeed.

At QEGS we want our pupils to be inspired by everything they do, their education in the broadest sense; with sport, the arts, enterprise, performance, employability skills, competition, cultural school visits and many other amazing opportunities taking an equal standing with academic success.

We want our students to leave our school as interested and interesting people. At QEGS we prepare students for life beyond school, for QEGS students to be employable, to be life-long learners and to be happy and successful in life. Our pupils will be able to be truly independent, in their thinking, their learning and their coping.

For our students to achieve their best academically their education should be enriching and well balanced, ensuring they are mentally and physically ready for the academic challenges they will face. It is our privilege and our duty to strive for our students, our staff, and all our stakeholders to be the best they can possibly be.

As a school with great historical tradition we care and we succeed, en bon espoyr.


  • Question your understanding
  • Question, then listen to the response
  • Question your actions
  • Question who you are & who you want to be


  • Explore new ways to do things
  • Explore others’ values and beliefs
  • Explore every opportunity
  • Explore the world around you


  • Give equal respect to all
  • Give time & help to others
  • Give 100% every time


  • Succeed even if at first you fail
  • Succeed with good spirit & humility
  • Succeed as part of a team
  • Succeed in everything you do

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