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Emergency Closure

Emergency Closure

Information about the school procedures when bad weather forces a closure.

If snow is forecast the situation will be assessed at 6 am to decide on the suitability of opening the school. Should it prove inadvisable to open the school, the bus companies are contacted and the buses cancelled. In addition, Radio Ashbourne will be contacted and asked to announce that the school is closed, a notification will be posted on both the school and Derbyshire County Council websites, and a Groupcall text/voice message will go to all registered telephone numbers.

On days following the closure, please listen to Radio Ashbourne, consult both the school and/or Derbyshire County Council website and look out for Groupcall text/voice messages for information.

In the event of the school having to close early, there is a well-rehearsed drill to contact the bus companies and arrange for students to be evacuated. However, in very bad conditions, students may have to spend a night in Ashbourne. In that case it is advisable, where possible, to make arrangements for students to spend the night at the home of a family friend. Before this is done you will be contacted.

These procedures will be in place for any emergency that will require the school to close either part way through the day or in the event of being unable to open at all.

Closure Work

Closure Work can be found here for all year groups.

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