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At QEGS we have many qualities that strengthen our school. We want for our students to achieve their best academically. Their education should be enriching and well balanced, ensuring they are mentally and physically ready for the academic challenges they will face. Preparing students to be employable, lifelong learners and to be happy and successful in life. Providing a broad and wide range of high-quality arts and cultural experiences to build on our student’s cultural capital. Celebrating student achievement academically and in the wider school life through rewards and wellbeing events. Keeping our students at the heart of our school and utilising student voice to involve them in reviewing, developing, and improving life at QEGS to understand the impact on their education. Providing a diverse range of co-curricular opportunities across the wider school community that boosts student engagement and participation.

At key stage three students experience a wide range of subjects to develop their skills in art, performing arts and technology subjects to develop their knowledge and understanding to make informed choices in year nine towards the creative curriculum in preparation for GCSEs and vocational qualifications in key stage four. Our curriculum design and flexibility of pathways provides students with an extensive range of choices to study for their external examinations including a variety of arts and cultural subjects. Implementing results from student voice to offer further progression at key stage five in preparation for higher education. Providing positive chances to meet and work with inspiring professionals to further their understanding of the world. Arts subjects are delivered across all key stages and are firmly embedded into the curriculum, supported by authentic provision with outside agencies and enrichment excursions. An extended and diverse range of learning programmes are available to year 9 and year 12 to facilitate an assortment of Arts subjects at key stage 4 and 5 including many vocational qualifications.

Success is celebrated and promoted with all members in our community, and we want all of our students to succeed, individually and as part of a team. Regularly inviting the local and wider community to see how talented QEGS students are in their annual school musical, performance evenings, music concerts and our art exhibition. Continually working closely with our feeder schools, through dance and sports workshops to build on our partnerships and ease transition to secondary school. Hosting our annual Arts transition day where year 5 and 6 get the opportunity to work with QEGS staff and students providing workshops in different Arts lessons culminating in a dance performance they have created with a dance teacher. Each year our dance teacher visits the primary schools in preparation for a performance evening to friends and family

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