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Joining QEGS / Transition

A message from our Transition Leader

In light of the current situation we find ourselves in, we have decided that it is in the best interest of all Y7 students due to join us in September to extend the transition days throughout the first week. This means that all students will have 1hr and 20mins every morning (from Tue 4th Sept – Mon 14th Sept 2020) to discuss the new day and ease any concerns from the previous day. This also means that students will not be overwhelmed by so many new subjects.

I hope to see and meet you all very soon.

Mrs L Barrie
Transition Coordinator

Tel: 01335 340823
Post: The Green Road, Ashbourne, Derbyshire, DE6 1EP

September Return Dates

September Return Dates

  • Fri 04/09/20 – New Yr7 Transition Day​
  • Mon 07/09/20 – Staff INSET Day
  • Tues 08/09/20 – Y7 and Y12 return​
  • Wed 09/09/20 – Y10 return, Y7 and 12 remain in school
  • Thurs 10/09/20 – Y8 return, Y7/10/12 remain in school
  • Fri 11/09/20 – Y9 return, Y7/8/10/12 remain in school
  • Mon 14/09/20 – Y11 and 13 return, all Yrs in school

Staggered Start Times

Students in Y7 – please see below for staggered start times.

The staggered arrival times are based on your child’s teaching group (which can be found in the email sent on 14/07/2020) and only applies to Friday 4th September.

  • 7xS – 08.45am
  • 7xH – 08:45am
  • 7xR – 08:50am
  • 7xO – 08:50am
  • 7yT – 08:55am
  • 7yI – 08:55am
  • 7yD – 09:00am
  • 7yE – 09:00am

Students joining QEGS in Y8, Y9, Y10 and Y11 should report to main reception no later than 08.30am on your first day.

Meet the Year 7 Tutor Team

Mr A Hamer
Y7 Progress Leader

What does Mr Hamer teach?

Things Mr Hamer like:
Football, History, Music, and Pizza!

Things Mr Hamer dislike:

Things that make Mr Hamer happy:
Family and friends,

Things make Mr Hamer unhappy:
When Arsenal lose.

Things Mr Hamer is proud of:
Being a father.

An interesting fact about Mr Hamer:

What sport (if any) does Mr Hamer play outside of school?

Has Mr Hamer met anyone famous (if so who)?

Languages Mr Hamer can speak:


7B1 Form Tutor

What does TBC teach?

Things TBC likes:

Things TBC dislikes:

Things that make TBC:

Things make TBC unhappy:

Things TBC is proud of:

An interesting fact about TBC:

What sport (if any) does TBC play outside of school?

Has TBC met anyone famous (if so who)?

Languages Mrs Humphrey-Lewis can speak:

Mrs S Corboz
7B2 Form Tutor

What does Mrs Corboz teach?
I am the Curriculum Leader for Dance and Drama, and teach dance and drama through all year groups at QEGS. I am also the Artistic Director of the school show we do each year.

Things Mrs Corboz likes:
I enjoy reading new books, going to the theatre to watch different types of shows, I love musicals! I enjoy exploring the great outdoors with my family and spending quality time with my three young children. The best time of my day is in the evening whilst I read in the peace and quiet to wind down.

Things Mrs Corboz dislikes:
I do not like asparagus! Or wet sand.

Things that make Mrs Corboz happy:

Watching children enjoying their activities and making memories makes me smile. Dancing also makes me happy, and chocolate!

Things make Mrs Corboz unhappy:
I do not like shouting and certainly does not make me happy, even though we all have to do it sometimes. Silly people making silly decisions when they do not think about the consequences to other people makes me unhappy.

Things Mrs Corboz is proud of:
I am very proud of my children and the young people I teach in school. Watching them grow in to happy human beings. I am also very proud of those students who participate in the school show who work for 8 months each year to produce an amazing show and stand up in front of hundreds of people each performance.

An interesting fact about Mrs Corboz:
One summer before university I worked for the BBC productions group and performed onstage with some famous people in a summer production on the south coast.

What sport (if any) does Mrs Corboz play outside of school?
I do not play any sports

Has Mrs Corboz met anyone famous (if so who)?
I met Philip Schofield when he performed in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. My Husband worked in theatre for 20 years and worked on Britain’s Got Talent for 4 years. We met Ant and Dec, Simon Cowell and the other judges at the time.

Languages Mrs Corboz can speak:
I remember a small amount of French from school and am learning Spanish with my eldest son.

Mr R Bowbanks
7C1 Form Tutor

What does Mr Bowbanks teach?
Computer Science

Things Mr Bowbanks likes:
Exercising and working out. Chocolate and cake. Travelling around the world. I have traveled to the Caribbean, Morocco, and across Europe to name a few places.

Things Mr Bowbanks dislikes:
Cauliflower Cheese. It is the worst thing I have tasted in my life.

Things that make Mr Bowbanks happy:
Spending time with my family. Extreme sports and challenging myself to the limit. My next adventure is to swim with sharks sometime next year. Helping young people reach their full potential.

Things make Mr Bowbanks unhappy:
Not much. I am generally a happy person.

Things Mr Bowbanks is proud of:
I am proud to be in education and inspire young people.

An interesting fact about Mr Bowbanks:
I am getting married in October. I recently jumped out of plane. I have previously lived in Spain.

What sport (if any) does Mr Bowbanks play outside of school?
Mainly running and going to the gym.

Has Mr Bowbanks met anyone famous (if so who)?
Too many to list.

Languages Mr Bowbanks can speak:
English, Punjabi & I’m Learning to speak Spanish again.

Mr S Walker
7C2 Form Tutor

What does Mr Walker teach?
Engineering and D&I.

Things Mr Walker likes:
Newcastle United, Brisca Stockcars, Motorbikes.

Things Mr Walker dislikes:
Snakes. Not a massive fan of extreme heights.

Things that make Mr Walker happy:
Summer, light nights.

Things make Mr Walker unhappy:
Not having manners and rudeness!

Things Mr Walker is proud of:
My son.

An interesting fact about Mr Walker:
Born on the same day as this lot, Not a good day clearly! Mariah Carey, 50. Jesser, 21. Jessie J, 32. Lisa Manoban, 23. Amelie Zilber, 18. Franny Arrieta, 23. Fergie, 45. Brenda Song, 32.

What sport (if any) does Mr Walker play outside of school?
Box 🥊

Has Mr Walker met anyone famous (if so who)?
Alan Shearer, Ant and Dec, Brian and Nigel Clough, Michael Van Gerwen, Boris Becker, Liv Bentley, Juan Pablo Montoya, Ron Dennis, Tyson Fury.

Languages Mr Walker can speak:
Very limited. A smidge of German.

Mr P Wyke
7H1 Form Tutor

What does Mr Wyke teach?
Religious Studies and A Level Politics.

Things Mr Wyke likes:
I like most sports, politics and walking my dog with my family.

Things Mr Wyke dislikes:
Social media. Nottingham Forest. People who can’t queue properly!

Things that make Mr Wyke happy:
My family, I am married with two children. I have two boys called Rory and Eddie. They are currently 7 and 5. I probably talk about them more than I should! My dog Monty, who on certain days would appear in the dislike section, but over lockdown I have come to appreciate him more than before! Teaching, as it is lockdown I haven’t been able to do much teaching, in the way I would like. Listening to political podcasts, my particular favourite is Matt Forde’s The Political Party and the Steve Richards podcast Rock and Roll Politics.

Things make Mr Wyke unhappy:
Losing, as I am very competitive. When people don’t try their best. Nottingham Forest.

Things Mr Wyke is proud of:
My detailed knowledge of Derby County’s 1995-1996 promotion season. My juggling skills that are a feature in my lessons. Having Brian Clough say that I/school football team better work hard in lessons, as none of us would make it as footballers!

An interesting fact about Mr Wyke:
I can ride a unicycle.

What sport (if any) does Mr Wyke play outside of school?
Football and cricket. I wouldn’t say I play golf, more hack my way around lovely golf courses.

Has Mr Wyke met anyone famous (if so who)?
I have met a few people, but most you wouldn’t know them, as they are sportsmen from the 80s or 90s! Though just yesterday I exchanged pleasantries with ex Derby current Blackburn player Bradley Johnson. I have met Gandalf from Lord of the Rings (Sir Ian McKellen). He visited one of my lessons when I was teaching in York!

Languages Mr Wyke can speak:

Mr R Sangster
7H2 Form Tutor

What does Mr Sangster teach?
Science (Physics is my specialist area – Energy, Forces, and Space) I am also responsible for the Astronomy Club.

Things Mr Sangster likes:
Rugby Union – I’m a Season Ticket Holder at Leicester Tigers, Music – I sing in the school choir and was in the school show this year, Science and Space – obviously, Star Wars and Science Fiction in general, Humour, Astronomy.

Things Mr Sangster dislikes:
Not very much…….. Not that bothered about football.

Things that make Mr Sangster happy:
Reading a good book (I’m reading The King’s Watch series by Mark Hayden at the moment), technology doing what it should (I have set up my home as a smart home and have a lot of stuff voice activated through Google Home) When things go to plan.

Things make Mr Sangster unhappy:
When things don’t work out as I planned.

Things Mr Sangster is proud of:
My family and their achievements. Working at QEGS and being part of such a brilliant community.

An interesting fact about Mr Sangster:
I was a member of the Circus Skills Club at University and learned to juggle flaming torches and ride a unicycle! (I can’t ride a unicycle any more……….)

What sport (if any) does Mr Sangster play outside of school?
I don’t play any sport.

Has Mr Sangster met anyone famous (if so who)?
You won’t have heard of them – Famous in Rugby Circles – Ian McGeechan, Gareth Chilcott, Darren Garforth, Richard Cockerill……. Also Linda Lusardi while I worked as a shop assistant when I was still at school.

Languages Mr Sangster can speak:
English, British Sign Language (just learning).

Mr B Hallam
7S1 Form Tutor

What does Mr Hallam teach?

Things Mr Hallam likes:
Unsurprisingly, being a PE teacher, I really like all sport, but particularly football, netball, rugby, swimming and athletics. I also love spending time with my family, visiting places, playing games, watching movies and going on holiday together. I enjoy cooking and experimenting with new recipes, but, to be honest, the best part is the eating! Most importantly for you, as your new Form Tutor, is the fact that I really enjoy my job, teaching and working with young people, and I’m really looking forward to meeting my new form group, getting to know you all, and helping you make the most of your time at QEGS.

Things Mr Hallam dislikes:
I really dislike it when people are rude, disrespectful or if they deliberately try to make somebody else upset. I’m also not keen on TV soaps or a lot of the reality TV programs, which is unfortunate because most of the other members of my family do like them.

Things that make Mr Hallam happy:
Kindness. Sharing experiences with my family and friends. Watching people succeed, especially when they have to put in a lot of effort or overcome challenge to do it. Being a PE teacher and spending time working with the extra-curricular sports clubs, watching young people enjoy taking part and getting better at sport and physical activity.

Things make Mr Hallam unhappy:
Poor manners. Displaying a low effort level or giving up on something as soon as it becomes difficult. Not learning from mistakes. Dishonesty.

Things Mr Hallam is proud of:
I’m proud of my positive attitude. I always try to be optimistic and believe that you have a choice in how you behave. I choose to be happy, I try to enjoy every day and although sad things happen in life, I try to view these as temporary and believe I can learn and get stronger because of them. I’m also proud of achieving my academic degree and completing the London Marathon.

An interesting fact about Mr Hallam:
The scariest thing I’ve done is a bungee jump!

What sport (if any) does Mr Hallam play outside of school?
I regularly run, cycle and swim. I also occasionally still play football, but it takes me a long time to recover now!

Has Mr Hallam met anyone famous (if so who)?
I’ve met Sir Steve Redgrave, the Olympic rower, when he visited QEGS a few years ago. I’ve also met a few Derby County players, of which the most memorable were Mark Wright, Ted McMinn and Peter Shilton in the late 1980s.

Languages Mr Hallam can speak:
I can speak some very basic French, but only enough to be able to manage on holiday and order food and drink. I do try to at least learn basic manners in the language of a country that I visit, but this is something that I should definitely try to get better at.

Mr A Mr Hussein
7S2 Form Tutor

What does Mr Hussein teach?
The best Science, Chemistry.

Things Mr Hussein likes:
Fulham football club, fishing, chess and music.

Things Mr Hussein dislikes:
People who do not clean up after their dog, cheats and pretentiousness.

Things that make Mr Hussein happy:
Sunshine, my students doing well in their exams and Fulham winning!

Things make Mr Hussein unhappy:
People who lie and Fulham losing.

Things Mr Hussein is proud of:
My children, the fact that I saw the Clash 4 times and playing the lead character in my school play at the age of 15.

An interesting fact about Mr Hussein:
Once I played 22 games of chess at the same time and won them all!

What sport (if any) does Mr Hussein play outside of school?

Has Mr Hussein met anyone famous (if so who)?

Languages Mr Hussein can speak:
English and a very bad Turkish.

Miss E Waterfall
7S2 Form Tutor

What does Miss Waterfall teach?

Things Miss Waterfall likes:
Mexican food, reading, shopping, beach holidays, family and friends!

Things Miss Waterfall dislikes:
Spiders, olives, rude people, rain and cabbage!

Things that make Miss Waterfall happy:
Being with my family and friends, exploring new places, trying new recipes out on my family!

Things make Miss Waterfall unhappy:
Cruelty to animals, war, unkind people and bullies.

Things Miss Waterfall is proud of:
Being a teacher and my school!

An interesting fact about Miss Waterfall:
I am really good at cross-stitching and really bad at trampolining!

What sport (if any) does Miss Waterfall play outside of school?
Has Miss Waterfall met anyone famous (if so who)?
Robbie Savage (footballer), Jamie Oliver (chef) and Jude Law (actor).

Languages Miss Waterfall can speak:
English and a little bit of French but very badly!

Optional Transition Work

Here you will find optional transition work for English. This is a taster of what English at QEGS will be like. Enjoy! 🙂

Here you will find optional transition work for Science. This is a taster of what Science at QEGS will be like. Enjoy! 🙂

Here you will find optional transition work for Maths. This is a taster of what Maths at QEGS will be like. Enjoy! 🙂

Q&A for Y6 Students/Parents/Carers

Mr Hamer will be the Progress Leader for Year 7. Form Tutors will be the first port of call for parents as they will see the students every day during form time.

As students have lessons in lots of new subjects when they come to QEGS, we organise our Yr7 teaching groups just like in Primary School, in mixed prior attainment and according to group dynamics rather than their SATs results. We do not believe in setting limits on our students, but all have the opportunity to be stretched, challenged and supported in all subjects.

If you had a family member that attended QEGS- by selecting the House on the starter pack will ensure you are placed into the same House as your family member.

If you are new to the school or the first member of your family to attend, you will be randomly placed into a House.

The majority of students in Yr7 will study Spanish and French with a small number just studying Spanish.

There will be between 25-30 students in each class according to subject.

All homework is set and recorded via our Go4Schools system which can be accessed online at anytime.

All students have their thumb print scanned so parents can pay using parent pay online or a cheque/cash can be deposited at our machine in school. Then once you purchase your food before school, break time or lunch time your thumb will be scanned and the money debited from your account.

No, students can bring packed lunches with them & can either eat them in our main hall or the canteen.

QEGS is a big site. However, we have lots of signs around the school to help. Each classroom has a number above the door so you will get used to what areas are where. During the first few weeks we will have lots of staff around the site to help you. Our older students have also been fantastic at helping the younger students find their way.

School starts at 8.50am and finishes at 3.55pm. We have a morning break and a lunch break.

Currently students have 5 lessons each day. There may be slight changes for September and we will update you.

Every day we have a different sporting club. We also have lots of other non-sporting clubs. A full list will be published for students when they start at QEGS.

It is highly likely that you will not be with your friends from Primary. You will meet lots of new people and break and lunch is for catching up with new and old friends. Teaching groups and form groups are different so it might be the case you are with a current friend in your form group if you fall under the same house, however, that cannot be guaranteed. Every year this is one thing students and parents worry about but within the first week of school they have all made new friends with similar interests.

We allow students to wear a watch and have one piercing in each ear lobe. During Physical education all jewellery must be removed so we recommend if you plan on having your ears pierced, get it done at the start of the summer holidays so that they can be removed by the time you start school.

Bullying is not an issue at QEGS, however if you felt you were being bullied you must report it straight away so that it can be deal with. You can speak to any member of staff, your form tutor, progress leader or if you felt like you can’t tell anyone, there is a report it button on our school system which goes direct to your Progress Leader.

All information can be found on our website.

You will need a letter from home advising us what time you need to leave school. When you arrive at school your Progress Leader must sign the letter. Then when you are due to leave you take you letter to student services who will sign you out. If you are returning to school you come back via Student Services and sign back in.

If your appointment is first thing you go straight to Student Services on arrival and sign in.

Your pencil case, a drink (not fizzy or energy drinks) a coat (weather dependent) a packed lunch if you do not have school lunches. You are due to have your school photos on the first day.

You can bring your phone to school however they must be either switched off or on silent in your bag or pocket. If you are seen with your phone in lesson or social time it will be confiscated and taken to student services. If you have it confiscated a second time your parents/carers have to come into school to collect. A select few lessons may allow you to have your phones out for interactive lessons- this is okay.

School Uniform

The uniform is available to purchase from Trutex Meir here.
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