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To gain an in-depth knowledge and understanding of society – how it is structured, how it develops, the role of social institutions such as the criminal justice system, how social differences and inequalities can be explained.

To analyse big ideas that have changed the world! Drawing on politics, philosophy, economics, the humanities and psychology, students often describe how Sociology has made them see the world in a new way.


To develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills as you evaluate different sociological perspectives.

To develop skills in communication, both oral (in class debates) and written (in articulating opinions and structuring an argument in essays).

To develop research skills – a very marketable skill in Sociology is the understanding of how to conduct research in a systematic way, focussing on issues such as reliability, representativeness and validity.

To understand society in order to better it.

To support the development of informed and responsible citizens.

To produce students who have the skill set above.

Produces informed, responsible citizens who have a deep understanding of society and culture, who are able to think critically and articulate their opinions.

For careers in:

Any career requiring good literacy skill eg. Law, journalism.

Any career requiring good communication skills eg. Human Resources, Public Relations.

Market research – owing to research method skills.


Community work and local government.

International aid/development.

The Police.

Social work.

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