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Rewards Update

We have implemented a few changes to our rewards system that we wanted to update you on. Firstly, rewards will now feed into the House System and at the end of the year there will be an overall House winner, who will have the House name on a trophy for that academic year.

Once a student has achieved 20 Merits, they will receive a Bronze badge to attach to their lanyard. 40 Merits means they will receive a Silver badge and 60 Merits in total means they will receive a Gold badge. All Merits are worth 2 House Points. We have 38 Bronze Winners already which is brilliant!

A Gold badge will automatically enter the student for a Golden Ticket. Students will keep their Gold badge and start the process again. This ensures that students are regularly acknowledged for their achievements and have clear goals to work towards.
There are many more awards to win, such as Form of the Fortnight and House Hero all with prizes and rewards to celebrate the many different achievements our students reach.

The form of the fortnight challenge was to create a spooky poem or opening to a scary story and we have had brilliant entries from 9S1, 9B1 and 9B2 and a wonderful independent entry from Charlotte, Freya and Matilda from 9H1.

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