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QEGS students succeed again!

Academic Results:

We are really pleased with our results this year and we are proud of the achievements of our Sixth Form students, with the vast majority of our students meeting or exceeding the entry criteria for their chosen university or apprenticeship course.

Our students have studied through some of the most challenging times in education, which makes their performance in these exams even more impressive. Particularly, now the grade boundaries are back to 2019 levels and our students’ overall results are in line with the pre covid years of 2018/2019. It is for this reason that we are celebrating the success and hard work of our students and teachers today.

Some highlights from this year’s results include:
· 43% of A Level students gained at least one A* or A grade.
· Average points per entry is 36 (compared to 38 in 2019 and 35 in 2018), expressed as a grade this means the average grade for a student is a B.
· 98% pass rate in all A-Level courses – fantastic!

Vocational/Technical Results:
· 93% pass rate in all BTEC courses.
· 79% of all BTEC students achieved at least one Distinction or D* in their BTEC Qualifications which is an increase from the 78% that achieved this in 2019.
· Average points score (per candidate) of 36 up from 33.42 in 2019 which means, expressed as a grade, the average grade a student achieved is a Distinction. Such a high standard, phenomenal in fact!

A great year for our students and we are justifiably proud of the fantastic results they have achieved.

Amazing individual results:
The 2023 QEGS A Level results are fantastic, with many amazing individual results; led by William Selby who achieved 4 A* grades, Inioluwa Odeniyi who achieved 3 A* grades and an A, Matthew Loud who achieved 2 A*s and 2 A grades, Bryn Pugh who achieved 3 A*’ grades, Jessica Kaul who achieved an A* and 3 A grades, Callum Davis who achieved 1 A* and 2 A grades, Evie Beale who achieved 4 A grades and Stephen King who achieved 3 A grades.

25% of all entries were graded A*-A and 54% of all entries were graded A*-B, which is an exceptional achievement.

Students also excelled in the Vocational and BTEC subjects. In the Extended Diploma courses, Triple Distinction Stars (D*D*D*) were awarded to David Kis for Creative Digital Media. Lottie Booth achieved a D*D* for her Art and Design BTEC, alongside an A grade in her Psychology A Level. Thomas Breen, Joshua Cadman, Eliza Cirule and Pip Davis all achieved a D*D*D and Scarlett Fountain achieved a D*DD in BTEC Business. Maisy Joyce achieved a D*D*D in her Art and Design BTEC. Ruby Jefferies achieved a Distinction in Performing Arts alongside an A* in English Literature and an A in Religious Studies.

All these students will be proceeding to university courses, apprenticeships and careers related to the skills and expertise they have developed as a result of their Sixth Form studies.

Names of students who have exceeded their target grades and scored the highest value added were Stephen King, Bryn Pugh, Ruby Jefferies, Natalie Grady, Lottie Booth and Joshua Cadman and Jake Harvey. A huge well done to these students for their achievements.

Scott Garrity, Headteacher said: “I am truly humbled by the achievements of our students after they have faced two of the most difficult years of their education and teenage lives. This cohort did not sit GCSE exams due to Covid, absences were still prevalent for parts of Yr12 and the students missed out on so many other experiences at school. To achieve these grades, is really commendable. Students, parents and QEGS staff – please celebrate, you have earned it!”

Louise Allen, Head of Sixth Form said: “We are so proud of the fantastic young people our students are and of what they have achieved during their time at QEGS Sixth Form. Throughout a challenging educational climate our students have remained incredibly focussed and committed to their studies and future plans; this has been very admirable and a pleasure to be a part of. We would therefore like to take this opportunity to thank all of year 13 for being an absolute joy to work with and we wish them all the very best with their exciting next steps. We would also like to thank our post 16 teaching staff and tutors who have worked tirelessly to ensure that our students are well supported and prepared for their final assessments.”

As part of QEGSMAT, Anne Martin the CEO, sends her congratulations to all the QEGS students for their incredible achievements during the past two challenging and disrupted years. Thank you to the teachers and staff who have worked to support the students at QEGS, in particular Year 13. These outcomes reflect everyone’s commitment, hard work and positive attitudes. Anne wishes the students all the very best in the next chapter of their lives.

Needless to say, this same set of teachers and tutors are on hand today and this week and will be happy to help should any of our students need any advice and support. We also look forward to hearing the success stories over the coming years.

Our vision remains. We care; therefore, we question, we explore, we give and we succeed together. To ‘be the best you can possibly be’ takes more than just academic success. Students need to be happy, with a healthy body and mind and we hope that QEGS has helped play a part in our students pursuing happy and successful lives in the future.

Scott Garrity

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