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Virtual (Zoom) Meeting 13th October 2020 7pm

If anyone would like to get involved or has any ideas, all help is gratefully received, please email for the joining details.

The FPTA will be holding an EGM at the meeting on 1st April 2020 to consider the following motion:

  • To adopt a new constitution.

Did you know that QEGS Friends Parent Teacher Association (FPTA) is an essential part of school funding, providing extras that the budget won’t stretch to?

In previous years, through events such as the wine tasting, quiz nights and stalls, the FPTA raised money for the school, which was spent on a glass kiln, a 3-D printer and outdoor furniture. Last year, we raised money for a new observatory to house a super telescope that the school has been given. Click here for more info.

All this organised by just a handful of people. Think what we could do with YOUR help.

Do join us for our monthly meetings in the QEGS Library. Ideas for fundraising and social events are most welcome.

Welbeing Workshops 2020 – To support carers and parents of secondary school students

We know that raising a teenager can be challenging and so this series of workshops has been designed to give you support with the issues you would like a little help with and to bring together those in a similar situation. Believe us, you are not alone.

Each session will be led by a counsellor from Derwent Rural Counselling Service who will suggest strategies and give advice based upon the questions and discussions of those present.

Tickets for sessions will become available to purchase 14 days before the event.

Session 1 – 12/02/2020, 6-7pm
Venue: Poppy Restaurant, Ex-Serviceman’s Club, Market Place, Ashbourne
Focus: Managing Anxiety (Y7-13)

Session 2 – 12/03/2020, 6-7pm
Venue: QEGS Library (accessed via Main Reception)
Focus: Support for Parents/Carers of Students on the Autistic Spectrum (Y7-13)

Session 3 – 22/04/2020, 6-7pm [Postponed due to COVID-19]
Venue: Empire Hall, King Edward St, DE6 1BW
Focus: Supporting Students with Exam and Assessment Pressures (Y10-13)

Session 4 – 12/05/2020, 6-7pm [Postponed due to COVID-19]
Venue: QEGS Library (accessed via Main Reception)
Focus: ‘Positive Parenting’: Managing the Transition to Young Adulthood (Y8-12)

Session 5 – 03/06/2020, 6-7pm [Postponed due to COVID-19]
Venue: Empire Hall, King Edward St, DE6 1BW
Focus: Living with Hormones: Anger, Mood Swings, Lack of Communication, Introversion (Y8-12)

Session 6 – 01/07/2020, 6-7pm [Postponed due to COVID-19]
Venue: QEGS Main Hall
Focus: Supporting Your teenager to Build Resilience and Wellbeing (Y6-9)

Event Details
Doors Open at 5:30PM
From 6:00PM to 7:00PM

Tickets can be purchased here

FPTA 200 Club

2019/20 Winners

Winners will be listed here once the prize draw has taken place and cheques have been posted.

Sept 2019

  1. E. Tomlinson
  2. J. Hart
  3. B. Swain

Oct 2019

  1. V. Burton
  2. J. Lawless
  3. D. Edwards

Nov 2019

  1. A. Dobson
  2. M. Simpson
  3. L. Corbett

Currently all meetings are postponed until further notice due to COVID-19, backdated draws will take place once the FPTA committee meetings resume and cheques will be sent home to the address we hold on our system.

FPTA Meetings 2019/20

Meetings usually take place in the QEGS Library at 6.15pm, unless otherwise notified. If any of the dates below change during the year, we will send out a text or email to let parents and staff know.

  • Tuesday 10th September – 7.15pm
  • Tuesday 1st October – 6.15pm
  • Tuesday 5th November – 6.15pm Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Nov AGM has been postponed.
  • Tuesday 3rd December – 6.15pm Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • Tuesday 7th January – 6.15pm
  • Tuesday 4th February – 6.15pm
  • Tuesday 3rd March – 6.15pm
  • Wednesday 1st April – 6.15pm Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) [Postponed due to COVID-19]
  • Tuesday 5th May – 6.15pm [Postponed due to COVID-19]
  • Tuesday 2nd June – 6.15pm [Postponed due to COVID-19]
  • Tuesday 7th July – 6.15pm [Postponed due to COVID-19]

FPTA Documents

FPTA Letter July 2019

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