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QEGS Commemorate VE Day

Friday 8th May 2020 marks 75 years since VE. VE Day or Victory in Europe Day marked the end of war in Europe and the fall of the Nazi Regime. It was marked with street parties all over the country, with the people of the UK celebrating that their country was safe again, there would be no more night time bombings and their husbands, Fathers and Brothers would be returning home. VE day however does not mark the end of the Second World War, as war continued with the Japanese until August 1945.

It is important that we celebrate VE day to commemorate the soldiers who fought to protect our country and secure our future.

QEGS students make VE Day Bunting

VE Day 75 Commemoration Videos

It’s great that we found a way for QEGS to still commemorate even remotely. Thank you to the students and staff involved. 

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