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Psychology is an insightful subject which helps students to understand themselves and others by learning about aspects of human behaviour that will help them in every day life, including: their interactions with others, learning techniques, memory performance and an enhanced ability to cope with pressure. The subject is highly applicable to life outside the classroom and students are often able to research and draw upon current events, news and local life.


    • To develop analytical and critical thinking skills via the exploration of many different theoretical perspectives.
    • To develop some basic scientific research skills and awareness. Students will gain knowledge of how to design, develop and analyse psychological research.
    • To develop and improve communication skills via debating, presentations and group discussion skills.
    • To produce essay style responses to exam questions enhancing literacy and academic writing skills.
    • To enhance and draw upon numeracy skills via the study and understanding of statistical tests and mathematical complications.

To study and describe the relationships between thinking and behaviour.

For psychologists to investigate and discover the causes of human behaviour so that they can predict, understand and/or influence others/society as a whole.

It applies to a vast range of careers and also to everyday life due to it’s focus on understanding why people behave the way they do.

Psychology can also help to create more open minded, thoughtful and culturally aware young people.

Career links/paths include:

      • Clinical Psychologist
      • Mental Health Work
      • Sport Psychologist
      • Teaching and Education
      • Human Resources
      • Forensics
      • Criminal Psychologist
      • Police
      • Social Work

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