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QEGS ‘How to Revise’ Guide for students

The basics:

  • Find a quiet and tidy space where you can work
  • Switch off/hide your phone and other electronic devices so that you are not distracted – better still hand them to your parents/carers!
  • Make sure you have the equipment you will need, for example, your exercise books for the subjects you are revising/preparing for, textbooks, revision guides, paper, pens, pencils, highlighters etc.
  • Are you hungry? Get something to eat – you learn best when you are not hungry
  • Are you thirsty? Make sure you have some water nearby

How often do I revise?

The timetables you have been provided in this booklet are guides. You might need to revise some subjects more often than others because it is a subject that you find more challenging. As a general rule, little and often is the best way.

  • The revision timetable provided means that you will revise each subject you study at least twice a week. Revise actively for 30-60 minutes for each subject scheduled for that day. If there are two subjects to revise, then you will revise for a maximum of two hours.
  • Take a break after each subject. Do something completely different to the task you have been doing. A form of exercise is a really good way to switch off and have an effective break. Perhaps go for a walk, kick a football around outside, talk with someone at home.
  • Split your subjects into smaller, topic based chunks. Your teachers can help you with this.

Important note: Revision is in addition to the home work set for you by your subject teachers.

More tips and advice can be found in the Guide above.

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