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History is an essential part of the curriculum in its own right as well as being extremely beneficial for the way it encompasses other subjects. The skills that are developed in History can be transferred across the curriculum, source analysis skills are useful in English Language, interpretation skills are valuable for Religious Studies, and even broadening their knowledge in History, would be advantageous for numerous subjects. History also allows opportunities to assist in student’s emotional development. Students are frequently encouraged to express their opinions about topics, which helps students improve their own level of tolerance and respect for their fellow peers. History helps develop student’s independent skills by being able to question topics they study in further detail, which aids their self-esteem and confidence. Perhaps most importantly, history inspires students and provides them with the sense of ‘love of learning’.

History is the story of mankind and covers the great achievements and successes of the human race, and its spectacular failures. Any study of history investigates the great diversity of human life, power, money, living conditions, invention, science, religion and war. History helps us to understand ourselves and other people and other cultures. It encourages a more compassionate and humane outlook. In order to understand the present we have to understand the past, and by doing so, equips people for the future. Without knowing what we have already done, we have no way of understanding what we can do and what we might achieve.

History develops a range of skills, which are of use in both the study of other subjects and for a whole range of careers by developing skills such as; the ability to form judgements, to read with understanding, to weigh evidence, to organise ideas, to reach decisions and to write clearly. History students learn how to research, discuss, interpret, analyse and evaluate information. This provides a set of transferable skills for a student, which can be beneficial for various prestigious professions.

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