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Times Table Rockstars

Students in year 7 to 9 have been working hard this week competing in the national times tables rockstars competition, England Rocks.
England Rocks required children to correctly answer as many multiplication and division questions as possible, to give their class and school the best chance of winning.

The competition was fierce with 171,021,475 questions answered collectively by 704,979 pupils from more than 3,933 schools and 82,483 classes around the country!

Our school stats were astonishing too. Our top class, 8XH, scored 47,171 in total (coming in the top 3% in the country) and top pupil Dan M scored 12,703. I am sure you can appreciate that those stats are fantastic!

Bruno Reddy, creator of TT Rock Stars says The pupils excelled themselves throughout England Rocks. Not only did they engage in some friendly competition but there were also some clear improvements in their recall and speed as time went on. That’s always been our goal – to make learning maths basics so fun that pupils give it their all.

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