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    Dec 2018 - Celebrating and Explaining our Outcomes

    We are now well into the Autumn term , and look back at the summer results both as a celebration and an opportunity to improve, reflecting on our successes including the ones that ones that don’t always make the headlines in the local and national press. We are proud of the breadth of our curriculum, with no reduction in the creative arts subjects on offer at GCSE: students can still take qualifications in music, art, dance and drama.

    The sixth form leadership team has taken on more responsibility and has a bigger voice across the school, as discussed below by Ben Bryan, our sixth form marketing officer:

    “The Sixth Form has had successes over the past year involving well being support for fellow students and maintenance of the school environment. The well being council have created a student support club, where all students can go for a chat or advice. For the Sixth Form itself, they are transforming a room into “The Sanctuary”, a space designed to be retreat for students dealing with stress and mental health issues. Various flowers and trees are also being planted around the Sixth Form site, including a wildflower meadow, making use of the green spaces around the buildings. A school eco council is also being formed for the entire school, aiming to gain Eco School Status: a national award programme designed to improve the environment for the school and the local community”

    It has been another brilliant year for our cross-curricular activities with accolades for boys and girls in rugby, football, netball, hockey, swimming, equestrian, gymnastics and dance, and more students than ever taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh award at Bronze, Silver and Gold level. Our new observatory has been used for local cubs groups and public programmes and regularly hosts community groups, with more to come this year. Our music concerts and school show were, as ever, sold out, with students from Years 7-13 impressive in a range of vocal groups and ensembles.

    We are successful at preparing our students for their future beyond QEGS, with almost every student entering education or training after leaving at 16. Our sixth form is expanding and producing brilliant results across a wide range of subjects.

    It has been difficult to compare GCSE results with those of previous years as this year other subjects followed English and maths, moving to the new GCSE qualifications which are graded 9-1. Only business studies and technology subjects were still graded as letters. You may have seen the terms attainment 8 and progress 8 used in headlines about GCSE results. Attainment 8 is used as a measure of how students have performed across 8 qualifications. There are rules on which subjects can be included in this measure, and English and maths are given double-weighting to reflect their importance. For more information on how attainment 8 is calculated, see this document from the Department for Education (DfE).

    A few months after the GCSE results are published, the DfE produces a set of estimated Attainment 8 scores for those students. This tells us what the expectation was for those students, depending on their results at Key Stage 2 (Year 6). This is also used to calculate Progress 8, which is a measure of progress from Key Stage 2. It is a check of how much “value is added” by a school; how well do students at our school do compares to students of similar ability at other schools. A score of zero means pupils on average make about the same amount of progress as other pupils across England. Our score based on the latest figures from DfE is +0.05. (This may change slightly in January when the results are ‘validated’)

    If you would like any more information about any of these measures, please contact ward@qegs.email.

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