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    Dec 2017 - Speech Day 2017

    The annual Speech Day of Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School was held on Thursday 14th December. The school’s choir greeted the students and guests as they entered the hall with Christmas Carols. The evening was opened with a trumpet fanfare by Josh Short, Billy Rowlatt and Charles Humphrey-Lewis.

    Helen Baker, Chair of Governors, welcomed the large audience and Mr Garrity, Headteacher, then introduced his 'How Successful was 2017?’ presentation, part of which was delivered by three students, Jacob, Lelia and Kira, to great applause.

    Prize winners were announced by Mr Atkins, Assistant Headteacher and prizes were awarded by the guest of honour and former QEGS student Tom Webster. In his upbeat and inspirational address, Tom Webster talked about his experience of school and his time since leaving QEGS.

    Head Boy, Oliver Reed and Head Girl, Sophie Ward spoke of the opportunities they’ve been given during their time at the school, and thanked everyone for their attendance.

    Prayers were led by The Revd Duncan Ballard and everyone retired to the dining hall for refreshments.

    Photos from the evening are now available to purchase.

    Photos from the evening

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    Speech - Mr Garrity, Headteacher

    Welcome to students and staff past and present, parents, governors, members of the community, sponsors of prizes and of course welcome to Tom Webster - our guest speaker. Tom it is a real honour to have you here and I know that this means a lot to you too. Thank you for giving us your time today and this evening.

    Tom and audience, how does this image make you feel?

    exam desk

    Yes we all know that feeling. However, an education at QEGS is so much more than just exams and 2017 has really proven that!

    What about:

    • The foreign trips to Normandy, Disney, Rhineland, and Wales!
    • And the Yr12 students who experienced living and working in Paris,
    • What about the 3314 primary students led by over 100 QEGS Sports Leaders in 29 events and what about the highest number of winning QEGS sports teams in 2016/17 our best yet,
    • What about Evie Waring 7th in the World for Obstacle Course Racing and Caspar Raynard who made the Commonwealth swimming trials
    • What about our second year of Race for Life and what about Sir Steve Redgrave presenting Sports Colours and acknowledging the work of the PE department specifically Mr Farr, just your average comprehensive – I don’t think so!
    • What about the first ever QEGS FPTA Summer Fair (well this century), raising over £3500
    • And the observatory which opened this year – there might be less money in the system, but our FPTA don’t listen to the system, well done FPTA!
    • What about the Music concerts, the junior and senior choirs, the Art exhibition, the Dance Festival, the school show Thoroughly Modern Millie, and the forthcoming Beauty and the Beast
    • and what about the new Creative and Digital Media courses – no room for the Arts you say, you won’t find the Arts being squeezed at QEGS
    • What about the 42 active school clubs and our success in competitions for Maths Challenge, Physics Olympiad, Young Enterprise, Dance, Horse Riding and Drones – please be clear, not horses riding drones
    • What about the emails I receive complementing our students’ behaviour on the public buses, letters from parents expressing gratitude for the staff who went that extra mile for their child, what about the Canadian gentleman who broke his leg and was rescued off Thorpe Cloud by …. Mr Atkins – well done sir!
    • What about our unrelenting focus on students and staff being safe and secure whilst in school, door locking systems, lockdown drills, IDs and lanyards, how things have changed
    • What about the volunteering, the work experience, the fundraising (over £11000 in 2017), the remembering – so many charitable and loving students, amazing!
    • What about our student vegetable patch and their first vegetable harvest, beetroot sales rocketed!
    • And what about our 2017 exam results – they were pretty good too – but don’t take my word for it I would like to invite students Jacob, Leila and Kira to give you their own special report.


    • Why so much success? Because we believe that the Inputs are more important than the Outputs. Our vision is not just - must sit in exam hall, must pass exams – our vision is for a World-Class Education for ALL QEGS students and the word ‘education’ is bigger than the sum of its parts. World, be warned, the QEGS class of 2017 are coming and they are pretty amazing, good luck to you all!

    S. Garrity, Headteacher

    Sport England ICT Mark Peak 11 and FMSIS Regional Winner - The Character Awards 2015 Healthy School Leading Space Education Quality Mark

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    Arts Mark

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