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    Nov 2017 - Celebrating and Explaining our Outcomes

    We are rightly very proud of the achievements of our students this summer, and thought this would be a good time to explain a little bit more about those outcomes, and also remind you and us about some of our other successes, the ones that don’t always make the headlines in the local and national press.

    We opened an observatory which is now being used for our students, community events and outreach including local cubs groups. Our sports teams, had a fantastic year, finishing as County Champions in U12 Netball, U12 Rounders, U12 Girls Sports hall Athletics, U12 Girls Futsal, U13 Boys Sports Hall Athletics, U13 Boys Table Tennis, U14 Netball, U15 Boys Indoor Cricket, U18 Boys Rugby and U15 Boys Swimming. We also finished as District Outdoor Athletic Champions for U13 Girls, U13 Boys, U15 Girls and U15 Boys.

    We are successful at preparing our students for their future beyond QEGS, and the latest information we have indicates that we have no “NEETs”; students who are not in education or training after leaving at 16. Our sixth form is more popular than ever, and the results that they have achieved this year have been even better than ever.

    It has been difficult to compare GCSE results with those of previous years as this year English and Maths moved to new GCSE qualifications where their grades are numbers, but all other qualifications still awarded letter grades. The performance measures for schools have also changed and you may have heard terms like progress 8 and attainment 8. Attainment 8 is a measure of how students have performed across 8 qualifications. There are rules on which subjects can be included in this measure, and English and maths are given double-weighting to reflect their importance. For more information on how attainment 8 is calculated, see this document from the Department for Education (DfE).

    A couple of months after the GCSE results are published, the DfE produces a set of estimated Attainment 8 scores for those students. This tells us what the expectation was for those students, depending on their results at Key Stage 2 (Year 6). This is also used to calculate Progress 8, which is a measure of progress from Key Stage 2. It is a check of how much “value is added” by a school; how well do students at our school do compares to students of similar ability at other schools. A score of zero means pupils on average make about the same amount of progress as other pupils across England.

    Anyway, after all of that explanation, here are our headline figures for 2016 and 2017. As you can see, we have much of which to be proud.

    GCSE headline figures (Outliers removed)
    2016 2017
    Attainment 8 average 54 52
    Progress 8 Score -0.03 +0.07
    English 4-9 (%) 90
    English 5-9 (%) 75
    English A*-C (%) 70
    Maths 4-9 (%) 81
    Maths 5-9 (%) 64
    Maths A*-C (%) 74
    5 + in English and Maths (%) 58
    4+ in English and Maths (%) 79
    C+ in English and Maths (%) 67
    Ebacc (%) 39 30

    You may notice that these figures do not include “outliers”. Outliers are the very small number of students that did not complete their full education at QEGS for various reasons, so have not been included.

    You may also notice that despite improved performance, the attainment 8 average has decreased. This is because the way these scores were calculated for the legacy GCSEs (those that were still given letter grades) changed, so cannot be compared directly. We also have a lower percentage of students who achieved the ebacc qualification, but this is now calculated on 5+, whereas last year it was calculated using C+.

    If you would like any more information about any of these measures, please contact ward@qegs.email

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