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    QEGS SPORT - Girls

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    2019/20 FIXTURES


     Provisional fixtures;
    Tuesday 17th - Netball - Ecclesbourne (h) U16 and U14 4pm - 5.30pm
    Tuesday 24th - Netball - Ecclesbourne (a) U12 and U13 3.25pm leave 5.45pm return (approx)



    MONDAY Key Stage 3 Hockey & Key Stage 4 & 5 Netball 

    TUESDAY Key Stage 4 Hockey & Key Stage 3 Netball 

    WEDNESDAY Girls Sports Club 

    THURSDAY Years 7 & 8 Girls Football 

    FRIDAY Years 9 & 10 Girls Football



    Mon 10th 

    Tues 11th Early Closure

    Weds 12th 

    Thurs 13th 

    Fri 14th 


    Mon 17th 

    Tues 18th Countdown to Success(Year 11)

    Wed 19th U16 Vs U18 Netball Score 8-9 

    Thurs 20th U16 Girls Football Vs Bolsover County Cup WON 6-0

    Fri 21st 


    Mon 24th 

    Tues 25th U14 Netball SnS National Cup Vs Nottingham High ROUND 1 Home 3pm WON 42-24 POM Jurska

    Wed 26th U14 WON 41-17 U16 Lost 8-20 U18 Lost 6-14 Netball Vs Lady Manners Home 4.15pm    U16 Girls Football Vs Lady Manners Home WON 5-1  

     Thurs 27th U13 Girls Football Vs Friesland Home WON 3-0 POM Qose

    Fri 28th EARLY CLOSURE



    Mon 1st 

    Tues 2nd U12 Netball training game 4-5pm

    Wed 3rd - U19 Netball County Tournament @Repton School 2.30 start - 6th place

    Thurs 4th - U15 Netball SnS National Cup Vs Edgbaston High ROUND 1. 4.15pm Home Lost 22-23 POM Nicholson  QEGS 'V' HIGHFIELDS U13 FOOTBALL WON 4-3 POM QUOSE

    Fri 5h - EARLY CLOSURE


    Mon 8th 

    Tues 9th (Year 13 PCE) U12 Netball training 2-3pm

    Wed 10th - U16 Netball County Tournament @Repton School 2.30pm start    U12 & U13 Netball Vs Ecclesbourne Home 4pm 

    Thurs 11th - U12, U13 & U16 Netball Vs Highfields Home CANCELLED

    Fri 12th 


    Mon 15th 

    Tues 16th U12 & U16 Netball Vs Ant Gel Away 3.30pm

    Wed 17th  U13 & U14 Netball Vs De Ferrers Away 3.30pm QEGS 'V' TUPTON U13 & U16 FOOTBALL U13 LOST 8-0 POM  POYSER   U16 LOST 3-1 POM LANE

    Thurs 18th U18 Netball Vs Trent College Away 3.30pm

    Fri 19th 


    Mon 22nd

    Tues 23rd U12a, U12b, U13a & U13b Netball Vs Lady Manners Away LMS Leave 3.30pm

    Wed 24th U14, U15, U16 Netball Vs Ecclesbourne Away 3.30pm

    Thurs 25th

    Fri 26th INSET

    **    HALF TERM    **



    Mon 5th 

    Tues 6th U13 Netball SnS National Cup Vs Solihull School ROUND 1 Home start 2.30pm (2pm meet)

    Wed 7th U14 Netball County Tournament @Repton School 1pm start  2nd PLACE - QUALIFIED FOR REGIONAL TOURNAMENT
                   Y10 House matches - Singles Badminton LUNCH

    Thurs 8th  Y10 House matches - Mixed Volleyball LUNCH QEGS 'V' BELPER U13 GIRLS COUNTY CUP 2.30PM K/O  1-1 AT FULL TIME BELPER WON ON PENALTIES  POM COATES

    Fri 9th  


    Mon 12th  U12 GIRLS FUTSAL AT ANTHONY GELL 2.45 LEAVE RETURN 5.30PM won 5-3 POM Quose

    Tues 13th 

    Weds 14th NO FIXTURES

    Thurs 15th 

    Fri 16th 


    Mon 19th 

    Tues 20th NO FIXTURES

    Wed 21st

    Thurs 22nd

    Fri 23rd Y7/8/9 House Cross Country 


    Mon 26th Under 14 SNS National Cup Round 3 Vs Thomas Telford School 2pm WON 45-15 POM Moon    Y9/10 House matches - Netball

    Tues 27th Under 12 SNS National Cup Round 2 Vs Loughborough High 2pm start LOST 0-20 POM OBORN

    Wed 28th Y9 House matches - Badminton singles LUNCH

    Thurs 29th

    Fri 30th  Y9 House matches - Mixed Volleyball LUNCH



    Mon 3rd

    Tues 4th U16 Netball SNS Natioal Cup Vs Madeley High 3.30 start WON 31-21 POM: M Elliot 

    Wed 5th U15 Netball Vs Denstone - Home 4pm

    Thurs 6th 

    Fri 7th Derbyshire Dales Cross Country

    Mon 10th Y9/10 House matches - Hockey Under 14 SNS National Cup Round 4 Vs Worcester 3pm start

    Tues 11th U12 WHOLE SQUAD TRAINING 3.30 - 5.00pm SPORTS HALL 

    Wed 12th Y10 House matches - Girls Football 4pm

    Thurs 13th 

    Fri 14th 


    Mon 17th 

    Tues 18th - U12 WHOLE SQUAD TRAINING 3.30 - 5.00pm SPORTS HALL

    Weds 19th 

    Thurs 20th 




    Mon 7th 

    Tues 8th 

    Wed 9th NO FIXTURES

    Thurs 10th 

    Fri 11th 


    Mon 14th 

    Tues 15th 

    Weds 16th U13 & U15 Netball Vs Lady Manners     U14 & U16 Hockey Vs Lady Manners    Home 4.15pm

    Thurs 17th 

    Fri 18th 

    Sat 19th Derbyshire Cross Country - Shipley Park, Heanor, DE75 7GX. 10:45 Start. Still ON.

    Mon 21st 

    Tues 22nd

    Weds 23rd - U15a & U15b Netball Vs Denstone Home 3.30

    Thurs 24th 

    Fri 25th 


    Mon 28th 

    Tues 29th

    Wed 30th

    Thurs 31st

    Fri 1st 



    Mon 4th 

    Tues 5th U13 & U14 Netball Vs Derby High Away Leave 3.30

    Weds 6th - U12 & U14 Netball Vs Abbotsholme Home 3.30   

    Thurs 7th 

    Fri 8th 


    Mon 11th 

    Tues 12th 

    Wed 13th U14a & U14b Netball Vs Denstone Home 3.30       U13 & U15 Vs Abbotsolme Away Leave 3.30

    Thurs 14th 

    Fri 15th HALF TERM 


    Mon 25th House Swimming Gala

    Tues 26th U12a & U12b Netball Vs Derby High Away - Leave 3.30

    Weds 27th U12a, U13a & U13b Netball Vs St Anselms  Away Leave 3.30

    Thurs 28th U14 & U15 Netball Vs Derby High Home 

    Fri 1st



    Mon 4th 

    Tues 5th SHROVE TUESDAY 

    Weds 6th ASH WEDNESDAY

    Thurs 7th 

    Fri 8th 


    Mon 11th Y9/10 House matches - Trampolining LUNCH

    Tues 12th 

    Wed 13th NO FIXTURES

    Thurs 14th 

    Fri 15th 


    Mon 18th 

    Tues 19th 

    Wed 20th U12a, U12b, U13a & U13b Netball Vs Foremark Home 3pm U14 Hockey and U12 mixed Hockey @Anthony Gell

    Thurs 21st U15 COUNTY NETBALL TOURNAMENT - Littleover School 2.30 start

    Fri 22nd


    Mon 25th 

    Tues 26th U13 COUNTY NETBALL TOURNAMENT - Highfields 2.30 start 

    Wed 27th 

    Thurs 28th U12a, U12b, U15 & U18 Netball     U13 Girls Football     U16 (10&11 mixed) Badminton & Table Tennis   Away Lady Manners 3.30 leave

    Fri 29th Y7/8 House matches - Netball




    Tues 2nd

    Wed 3rd 

    Thurs 4th 

    Fri 5th 


    Mon 8th 

    Tues 9th 

    Weds 10th 

    Thurs 11th Y9 House matches - Girls Football 4pm

    Fri 12th Y7/8 House matches - Hockey
    *** EASTER *** 


    Mon 29th 

    Tues 30th  

    Wed 1st 

    Thurs 2nd Y8 House matches - Girls Football 4pm

    Fri 3rd



    Mon 6th BANK HOLIDAY 

    Tues 7th

    Weds 8th

    Thurs 9th

    Fri 10th


    Mon 13th 

    Tues 14th Y7 House matches - Girls Football 4pm

    Weds 15th

    Thurs 16th

    Fri 17th


    Mon 20th

    Tues 21st

    Wed 22nd 

    Thurs 23rd

    Fri 24th ***MAY HALF TERM***


    Mon 3rd

    Tues 4th

    Weds 5th

    Thurs 6th

    Fri 7th


    Mon 10th

    Tues 11th

    Weds 12th

    Thurs 13th

    Fri 14th


    Mon 17th

    Tues 18th

    Wed 19th

    Thurs 20th

    Fri 21st SPORTS DAY


    Mon 24th

    Tue 25th

    Wed 26th

    Thurs 27th

    Fri 28th Derbyshire Dales Athletics



    Mon 1st



    Thurs 4thYEAR 6 TRANSITION DAYS  Reserve Sports Day

    Fri 5th Y8/9 House matches - Tennis LUNCH


    Mon 8th Y7/8/9 House Matches - Rounders

    Tue 9th

    Wed 10th


    Fri 12th RACE FOR LIFE


    Mon 15th ***enrichment week***





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