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    Last Updated by MF 9.10am Wed 13 Dec 2017


    1.House Matches Thurs 14 Dec y10&9 Rugby & Girls Hockey OFF. Ice & waterlogged

    2. House Matches Wed 13 Dec y10&9 Boys Football & Netball OFF

    3. Y9 Boys Futsall Thurs 14 Dec @ Derby Uni ON

    4. U18 Boys Boys Hockey away at Abbotshome wed 13 Dec OFF

      1. This weeks fixture

    2.Next weeks fixtures

    3 The week after fixtures

    4.Lunchtime/After School Clubs & Practice Schedule from Mon 11 Sept

    5. Calender for rest of the year.

    6.Results so far archive


    Mon 11 Dec 

    Tues 12 Dec Futsall U12 County Finals Derby Leave 1.40pm 6pm return (16)G ON

    Wed 13 Dec Winter House Matches Day1/2.   p1&2 Y9 Boys Football & Netball.   1.45pm -3.55pm  Y10 Boys  Football & Netball OFF

    Wed 13 Dec U18 Boys Hockey v Abbotsholme Away. Leave 3.30pm 4.15pm start 6pm return at QEGS (16)G OFF

    Thurs 14 Dec Futsall County U14 & U16 Finals Derby Uni Leave 140pm, return 6pm (16)G ON

    Thurs 14 Dec House Matches Day2/2  8.50am - 10.30am Y10 Boys Rugby & Y10 Hockey.  p2&3 Y9 Boys Rugby & Girls Hockey OFF

    Fri 15 Dec Last Day Early Closure

    Sat 16 Dec



    Tues 2 Lan 2018 INSET Day

    Wed 3 Jan 2018 First Day back

    Thurs 4 Jan Y9 Boys Hockey House Matches 3.30-5.15pm Astro

    Fri 5 Jan Y10 Boys Hockey House Matches 3.30pm-5.15pm

    Sat 6 Jan Rugby Rugby v Derby Grammar U12b U13a &U14b Away Leave 8.45am Bus Station, 10amko 12.15pm return MF (53)*

    Mon 8 Jan Basketball County Cup Rd1 U14 & U12 Home ve Merrill 3.45pm start

    Tues 9 jan Boys Hockey U15 v Derby Grammar Home 3.45pm start

    Wed 10 Jan Boys Hockey U18  v Derby Grammar Home 3.45pm start

    Thurs 11 Jan Boys Hockey U13 v Derby Grammar Home 3.45pm start

    Thurs 11 Jan Y9 Option Evening

    Fri 12 Jan

    Sat 13 Jan Rugby v Newcastle High U12,13,14 & 15 Venues tbc

    Mon 15 Jan esfa U15b Football v Milton Keynes Academy Away. Leave 10.45am 1.30pmko 5.30pm return i QEGS (16)*

    Tues 16 Jan Early Closure Y11 PCE

    Wed 17 Jan

    Thurs 18 Jan

    Fri 19 Jan

    Sat 20 Jan Rugby v Loughborough Grammar U12a,U12b U13 U14 &U15 Away Leave 8.30am 10amko

    Sat 20 Jan Cross Country County Schools Championships 10am -1pm, Tupton Hall School  S42 6LG.  Y7B&G, JB,JG,IG,IB, SB,& SG

    Mon 22 Jan

    Tues 23 Jan

    Wed 24 Jan Rugby U18 v St Joseph's. Away 2.30pmko tbc

    Thurs 25 Jan

    Fri 26 Jan

    Sat 27 Jan Rugby V Lady Manners u12A&b, U13 a&b Away. U14 & U15 Hom 10amko

    Mon 29 Jan

    Tues 30 Jan

    Wed 31 Jan Football V Denstone College Home. U15a, U15b & U14a. 2.30pmko

    Thurs 1 Feb

    Fri 2 Feb

    Sat 3 Feb

    Mon 5 Feb

    Tues 6 Feb

    Wed 7 Feb

    Thurs 8 Feb

    Fri 9 Feb Last Day Early Close

    Sat 10 Feb

    Mon 19 Feb Shrovetide Half Term Holiday this week

    Tues 20 Feb

    Wed 21 Feb

    Thurs 22 Feb

    Fri 23 Feb

    Sat 24 Feb

    Mon 26 Feb First Day back

    Tues 27 Feb Early Close Y8 PCE

    Tues 27 Feb DDFL Football v Highfields U13, U15 & U18 Away

    Wed 28 Feb

    Thurs 1 March

    Fri 2 March

    Sat 3 March

    Mon 5 March

    Tues 6 March

    Wed 7 March DDFL Football v Anthony Gell U12a U14 & U18 Home

    Thurs 8 March

    Fri 9 March

    Sat 10 March

    Mon 12 March

    Tues 13 March

    Wed 14 March

    Thurs 15 March DDFL Football v Lady Manners U12a&b U13 & U11 Home

    Fri 16 March Rugby Derbyshire Schools County Finals U12 Festival, U14 Festival U16 Final Ashbourne Rec/QEGS Fields

    Sat 17 March

    Mon 19 March Football & Rugby Y7&8 House Matches this week

    Tues 20 March Y12 PCE day. Early Closure

    Tues 20 March Rugby Derbyshire Schools County Finals U15 & U18 Final sAshbourne Rec/QEGS Fields

    Wed 21 March Rugby Derbyshire Schools County Finals U13 Festival, Ashbourne Rec/QEGS Fields

    Thurs 22 March Last Day Early Close

    Fri 23 March INSET


    Sat 24 March Easter Hols

    Mon 9 Apr First Day back

    Tues 10 Apr Early Close Y10 PCE

    Wed 11 Apr

    Thurs 12 Apr

    Fri 13 Apr

    Sat 14 Apr

    Mon 16 Apr

    Tues 17 Apr

    Wed 18 Apr

    Thurs 19 Apr

    Fri 20 Apr

    Sat 21 Apr

    Mon 23 Apr

    Tues 24 Apr 

    Wed 25 Apr

    Thurs 26 Apr

    Fri 27 Apr

    Sat 28 Apr

    Mon 30 Apr

    Tues 1 May

    Wed 2 May

    Thurs 3 May

    Fri 4 May

    Sat 5 May

    Mon 7 May Bank Holiday

    Tues 8 May

    Wed 9 May

    Thurs 10 May

    Fri 11 May

    Sat 12 May

    Mon 14 May

    Tues 15 May

    Wed 16 May

    Thurs 17 may

    Fri 18 May

    Sat 19 May

    Mon 21 May

    Tues 22 May

    Wed 23 May

    Thurs 24 May

    Fri 25 May

    Sat 26 May Last Day Early  Close

    Mon 4 June First Day back

    Tues 5 Jun

    Wed 6 Jun

    Thurs 7 Jun

    Fri 8 Jun

    Sat 9 Jun

    Mon 11 Jun

    Tues 12 Jun

    Wed 13 Jun

    Thurs 14 Jun

    Fri 15 Jun

    Sat 16 Jun

    Mon 18 Jun

    Tues 19 Jun

    Wed 20 Jun

    Thurs 21 Jun

    Fri 22 Jun Sports Day

    Sat 23 Jun

    Mon 25 Jun

    Tues 26 Jun

    Wed 27 Jun

    Thurs 28 Jun

    Fri 29 Jun Derbyshire Dales Schools Athletics Championships, Moorways

    Sat 30 Jun

    Mon 2 July

    Tues 3 July

    Wed 4 July

    Thurs 5 July

    Fri 6 july Sports Dasy Reserve

    Sat 7 July

    Mon 9 July KS3 Summer House Matches this week

    Tues 10 July

    Wed 11 July

    Thurs 12 July

    Fri 13 July

    Sat 14 July

    Mon 16 July Enrichment Week. Special Activities. Normal Lessons Suspended

    Tues 17 July

    Wed 18 July

    Thurs 19 July

    Fri 20 July Last Day Early Close


    Results so far Season 20172018

    Mon 4 Sept INSET

    Tues 5 Sept Y7,10&12 Only First Day

    Wed 6 Sept Whole School in.

    Thurs 7 Sept  Y7 Rugby Practice session 1

    Fri 8 Sept Y7 Rugby Practice Session 2

    Sat 9 sept


    Mon 11 Sept Y7 Football Practice session 1

    Tues 12 sept Y7 Football Practice Session 2

    Wed 13 sept DDFL Football v Highfields Home u12a, u12b & u12 c &u18 4.30pmko 5.45/6pm finish

    Thurs 14 Sept DDFL Football v Highfields Home u13 won, U14, U15  & u16 430pmko  5.45/6pm finish

    Fri 15 Sept  Steve Redgrave visiting QEGS PM. Sprcial Assembly p5&6 including awarding of Junior Sports Colours to y10  (last years y9)

    Fri 15 Sept Rugby v Lady Manners U14,15 &16 Away. Leave 3.30pm 4.30pmko 6.45pm return (57)* Postponed due to Redgrave visit. Now Fri 29 Sept.

    Sat 16 Sept

    Mon 18 Sept

    Tues 19 Sept Count Down to Success Evening

    Tues 19 Sept DDFL Football v Anthony Gell Away U13 won 4.1,U15 lost 4.1& U18 lost 2.0Leave 3.30pm 4.15pmko return 6.30pm (53)*

    Wed 20 Sept Rugby V Denstone College U12a lost &u12b lost , U13 a won U13 b won away 3.15pmko. Leave 2.25pm return 5.45pm (57)*   U18,won  U15lost &U14 lostHome 3.45pmko

    Thurs 21 Sept 

    Fri 22 Sept Rugby v Lady Manners U12 a lost  U13 a won& U13 b won Home 4.00pmko

    Sat 23 Sept


    Mon 25 Sept

    Tues 26 Sept Open Evening Y6&5

    Tues 26 Sept 

    Wed 27 Sept Rugby U18 Nat West Cup Rd 1 v Newcaste High Away 2.45pmko Leave 1.25pm, return 5.30pm(24)* Lost 31.10

    Wed 27 Sept Football v Lady Manners U13 Won 4.2, U14 Won & U15 WonAway. Leave 3.30pm, 4.20pmko , 630pm return (57)*

    Thurs 28 Sept Tennis U13 Boys Regional Rd1 v King Edwards Lichfield Home 1.30pm at Ashbourne Tennis Club Lost 4.8

    Fri 29 Sept Rugby v Rugby v Lady Manners U14,Lost 28.10, u15 OFF  &16 Lost 10.5 Away. Leave 3.30pm 4.30pmko 6.45pm return (57)*

    Sat 30 Sept


    Mon 2 Oct esfa U13a Football v Walton Priory, Stafford, leave 1.45pm, 3.15pm 5.45pm return (16)* Lost 4.3

    Tues 3 Oct

    Wed 4 Oct Rugby v Abbotsholme. U12 Drew 0.0! & U14 b Won 26.22. Home 4pmko

    Wed 4 Oct esfa rd1 U18 Football v John Taylor High Away. Leave 1.25pm, 2.45pmko. 530pm return(16)* Lost 4.1

    Thurs 5 Oct DDFL Football v Lady Manners U18, U16 & U12 a & b Home 4pmko OFF To be rearranged

    Thurs 5 Oct Rugby Nat West U15 Cup v Nottingham High Home 2.30pmko Lost 

    Thurs 5 Oct Rugby v Chellaston U14, U13 & U12 Away Leave 3pm 4.15pmko Return 6.30pm (57)* OFF cancelled by Chell due to staff absence

    Fri 6 Oct 

    Sat 7 Oct

    Mon 9 Oct esfa U15a Football v Heanor Gate Home 2.15pmko Won 6.1

    Tues 10 Oct Early Closure Y13PCE

    Tues 10 Oct DDFL Football v Highfields Home U12,U14b & U16 4.30pmko OFF new date to be confirmed.

    Tues 10 Oct esfa U14a Football v Repton Home 2.15pmko Won 6.1

    Wed 11 Oct esfa U13b v Fallibroome, Macclesfield Home 2pmko OFF tbr

    Thurs 12 Oct esfa U16 Rd1 v Kirk Hallam Away. Leave 1.30pm, 2.45pmko, 5.30pm return (16)* OFF tbr

    Thurs 12 Oct RugbyNat West U15Plate Rd 1 v Trent College Home 2.30pmko tbc OFF new date to be arranged

    Thurs 12 Oct esfa U12a Football Rd1 v West Park Home 3.15pmko Won 5.2

    Fri 13 Oct Rugby v Ecclesbourne. U12 Won 2.1 &U13 Won 7.2Home 4.30pmko 6pm finish U14 game cancelled by Ecc

    Sat 14 Oct

    Mon 16 Oct  esfa U16 Rd1 v Kirk Hallam Away. Leave 1.30pm, 2.45pmko, 5.30pm return (16)* 

    Tues 17 Oct DDFL Football v Anthony Gell U18, U16 & U14 Home 4.15/30pmko

    Wed 18 Oct Rugby NLD U16 12aside Invitation Tourn  Newark RUFC PM Leave 11.30am return 5.30pm (16)* OFF 

    Thurs 19 Oct 6th Form Open Evening

    Thurs 19 Oct Football  esfa U13b v Fallibroome, Macclesfield Home 2pmko

    Thurs 19 Oct Rugby v Chellaston U18, U16 U15 Home 4.30pmko - OFF DUE TO WEATHER

    Fri 20 Oct Last Day Early Closure

    Sat 21 Oct

    Mon 23 Oct Half Term this week

    Tues 24 Oct

    Wed 25 Oct

    Thurs 26 Oct

    Fri  27  Oct

    Sat 28 Oct

    Mon 30 Oct First Day back

    Tues 31 Oct Football esfaRd2 U12b V Ashfield Away. Leave 1.30pm 2.45pmko, 5.15pm return Lost

    Wed 1 Nov LTA Senior Boys Sch Team Tennis V Denstone College & Ellemere College @ Denstone PM. Leave 1.45pm Return 5pm 2nd

    Thurs 2 Nov Football County Cup U16 v Frederick Gent Away Leave 1.50pm 3.15pmko, 5.30pm return (16) Lost 3.2

    Thurs 2 Nov  Rural Derbyshire SSP U13 Boys&Girls Table Tennis &U16 Badminton Boys& Girls @ Lady Manners 4pm(16)* Leave 3.25pm Return 6.15pm 1st in both TT & Badm

    Fri 3 Nov Football County Cup Rd1 U12a v Swanwick Hall Away Leave 1.30pm 2.30pmko 4.45pm rerturn Won 4.2

    Sat 4 Nov Rugby V King Edwards Lichfield U12a Lost  U13 Lost 15.0 & U14 Lost 22.17 Home 10amko. Meet 9.30am 11.30am finish


    Mon 6 Nov Football esfa U13 b V Northampton Sch for Boys Away Leave 11.20am 1.30pmko  5.30pm return Lost 6 nil

    Tues 7 Nov Rugby NatWest U15Plate Rd2 QEGS  V Trent College Home 2.15pmko. Meet 1.30pm 3.45pm finish Lost 34.15

    Tures 7 Nov Football esfa Rd3 u14a v King Ecgbert, Sheffield Away 2.30pmko  Leave 1pm, Return 5.15pm. Lost 3.2

     Tues 7 Nov  Rural Derbyshire SSP U16Boys&Girls Table Tennis & U13 Boys & Girls Badminton  @ QEGs 4pm start 6pm finish 1st in TT & Badm. County Final next

    Wed 8 Nov NatWest Rd3 U18 Rugby v Wrekin College Home 2.30pmko. Meet 1.30pm. 3.45pm finish. Lost 23.13

    Wed 8 Nov Boys Hockey U18 v Abbotsholme 3.45pm Home Mett 3.30pm 5.30pm finish Lost 2.1

    Thurs 9 Nov Football esfaRd3 u15a v Wickersley, Rotherham Away 2.30pmko Leave 12.45pm, 5.45pm return. Lost 5.2

    Fri 10 Nov 

    Sat 11 Nov Rugby v St Josephs College, Trentham U12a Won 6.1 ,& U14 Lost 32.27 Home. Meet 9.30am 10amko 11.15/30am finish.   U13a Drew 23 all & U15 won 17.8 Away. Leave Ashbourne Bus Station 8.45pm 10amko 1215/30pm return


    Mon 13 Nov KS 3 Cross Country wk 1/2 & Y11 GCSE Mocks wk1/2

    Mon 13 Nov Football esfaRd3U12a v John Port Away 2pmko Leave 1pm return 4.15pm Lost 6.4 MF

    Tues 14 Nov Football U18 County Cup v Ecclesbourne Away, 2.30pmko. Leave 1.30pm Return 4.30pm Lost 4.0 BH

    Wed 15 Nov Rugby V St Josephs U18 Home 2pmko OFF To be rearranged in January 2018 MF

    Thurs 16 Nov U13 County Table Tennis Finals at Springwell College Staverley Leave 1.15pm 2.30pmstart Return 6.15pm (c) £rd in County MF

    Fri 17 Nov Children in Need Charity Day

    Sat 18 Nov Rugby v Fairfax Sch, B75 7JT   U12 lost 6.1 & U15 won 32.14,Home Meet 9.30am 10amko Finish 11.15am. U13 Lost 25.20 & U14 won 36.12Away Leave Bus Station 8.30am, 10amko, 12.45pm return (53)g MF & DH

    Mon 20 Nov KS3 Cross Country wk 2/2,

    Mon 20 Nov Y11 GCSE Mocks wk2/2

    Tues 21 Nov Football County Cup U13 Boys Away v Kirk Hallam. Leave 1.30pm , 2,30pmko, 4.45pm return LR (16)W Lost 6.0

    Tues 21 Nov Table Tennis U16 Boys County Finals, SpringwellSchh Staveley. Leave 1.30pm 2.30pm startt 6.15pm return MF(c) 5th in County

    Wed 22 Nov LTA Senior Sch Team Tennis, Mixed v Leicester Grammar & Lincoln Minster @ Leicester Grammar PM Leave Noon 5.30pm return MF(c)  2nd

    Wed 22 Nov Rugby. U13 Inivational at Matlock Rugby Club PM tbc OFF

    Wed 22 Nov U16 &U14 Futsal Boys Tourn3.45pm Anthony Gell School. Leave 3.30pm 4pm start, 6pm return BH(16)W    U14 1st, U16 2nd

    Thurs 23 Nov Football esfa U15b v Charlton Sch, Telford Home Meet 1.30pm 2pm ko 3.45pm finish BH Won 6.0

    Fri 24 Nov KS3 House Cross Country Day. p1 y8, p2 y7 & y10  & p3 y9

    Sat 25 Nov Rugby Twickenham Trip. England v Samoa Meet  8.20am. Return 8.30pm (x2, 53)g DHMFRSBHSB Leave BUS STATION not QEGS bus bay


    Mon 27 Nov U12 Boys & Girls Futsall Tourn.AnthonyGell School Leave 3.30pm 4pm startt return 6pm MF(16)W  1st to County Finals on Tues 12 Dec

    Tues 28 Nov Early Closure Y7 PCE

    Tues 28 Nov Basketball County Cup U15 v Frederick Gent School, Home 3pm start. 4.30pm finish MF OFF new date tbc

    Wed 29 Nov Rugby NLD U14 12aside Invitation  Tourn. Newark RUFC PM Leave 1115am 1230pm start 5.30pm return DH (16)G 4th

    Thurs 30 Nov Football U12 Boys County Cup v Leesbrook Sch Away. Leave 1pm, 2pmko 4pm return MF(16)G OFF new date tbc

    Fri 1 Dec Cross Country, Derbyshire Dales Championships y78910111213 Ashbourne Rec PM. MF 1.15pm Y9&8 Girls(JG) 1.30pm Y8&9 Boys(JB), 1.50pm Y7Boys, 1.50pm Y7Girls, 2.10pm y10,11,12 & 13 Boys & Girls(IG,IB,SG&SB)

    Sat 2 Dec Rugby spare


    Mon 4 Dec Basketball County Cup U13 v Heanor Gates Sch Home 3.45pm start. 5.30pm finish MF Lost

    Tues 5 Dec Basketball County Cup U12 & U14 v Merrill Sch, Derby  , Home 3pm start. 4.30pm finish MF OFF New date to be arranged

    Tues 5 Dec 

    Wed 6 Dec

    Thurs 7 Dec Football U12 Boys County Cup v Leesbrook Sch Away. Leave 12.50 pm, 1.45pmko 3.45pm return MF(16)G Lost 5.2

    Fri 8 Dec

    Sat 9 Dec Rugby v Derby Grammar U12b U13a &U14b Away Leave 8.45am Bus Station, 10amko 12.15pm return MF (53)G OFF now Sat 6 Jan2018

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