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    QEGS SPORT - Boys

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    Last Updated by RSM 07:45 Fri 10th May 2019

    Here we will show fixtures in order and the Calender for rest of the year.


    Tues 11 Sept

    Wed 12 Sept Rugby U18 NatWestV Rd1 - Walton HS (H)  Q64-W3

    Wed 12 Sept Football v Abbotsholme U14b & U13b Home 3.45pmko U14 Q4-A3   U13 Q13-A1

    Thurs 13 Sept Football v Highfields U18, U16 U15 U12 a, b  Home 4.15 pm ko U18 Q5-H3  U15 Q5-H0  U12a Q1-H0  U12b Q7-H0

    Fri 14 Sept Rugby v Lady Manners U16, U15, U14  Home 4.15 KO U16 Q7-L22  U15 Q10-L62

    Sat 15 Sept

    Mon 17 Sept

    Tues 18 sept DDDFL Football v Anthony Gell U14 & 16 Away. Leave 3.30pm 4.30pmko 6.30pm back at QEGS (53)G U14 Q9-1A  U16 Q1-A1

    Wed 19 Sept Rugby v Denstone College Away U15, U14, U13, U12a & U12b Leave 1.30pm 2.30pmko back at QEGS 5pm (70)G U15 Q20-40D U14 Q0-55D  U13 Q0-55D  U12A Q1-6D  U12B Q12-1D

    Thurs 20 Sept

    Fri 21 Sept 

    Sat 22 Sept

    Mon 24 Sept U15 NatWestV Rugby Rd1 v Wales High School (A) 5:15pm Return Q31-W28

    Tues 25 Sept DDFL Football v Lady Manners U13, U14 & U15 (H) 4.15pmko U13 Q6-L1  U14 Q7-L1  U15 Q9-L1

    Wed 26 Sept Football U13B, U12A + U12B v St Anselms (H) U13B Q7-S0  U12A Q10-S0  U12B Q3-S0

    Thurs 27 Sept - U12 National cup fixture (H) v Derby Moore 4pm KO U12 Q9-D0

    Fri 28 Sept Rugby v Chellaston OFF (EARLY CLOSURE)

    Sat 29 Sept

    Mon 1 Oct

    Tues 2 Oct Badminton U16 + Table Tennis U13 Derbyshire Dales Tournament @ Lady Manners QEGS U16 Derbyshire Dales Champions/QEGS U13 Derbyshire Dales Champions

    County Cup U16 Football v Wilsthorpe (H) U16 Q8-W0

    Wed 3 Oct Rugby U18 NatWestV Rd2 - Bishop Vesey (A) Q17-B45

    Thurs 4 Oct Football U12 CC v Highfields (H)  U13 National Cup v Highfields (H) U12 Q0-H0 QEGS Won 6-5 Penalties  U13 Q -H

    Fri 5 Oct Rugby v Chellaston OFF (EARLY CLOSURE)

    Sat 6 Oct

    Mon 8 Oct U16 Table Tennis + U13 Badminton Derbyshire Dales Tournament @ QEGS 4pm QEGS U13 Derbyshire Dales Champions/QEGS U16 Derbyshire Dales Champions

    Tues 9 Oct

    Wed 10 Oct

    Thurs 11 Oct ESFA U18 Football v John Taylor (A) Q1-J3

    Fri 12 Oct Rugby v Ecclesbourne  Home tbc

    Sat 13 Oct

    Mon 15 Oct

    Tues 16 Oct DDDFL Football v AntGell Away U12,15 &18 Leave 3:30pm return to QEGS 6:15pm (53)G U12 Q7-A2  U15 Q10-A0  U18 Q3-A1

    Wed 17 Oct ESFA Football v John Port U12a Home 4:15KO Q-0-J1

    Thurs 18 Oct

    Fri 19 Oct Rugby v Chellaston U12 + U15/6 (A) Leave 3:30pm (53) U12 Q4-C3  U15/16 Q29-C10

    Sat 20 Oct

    Mon 22 Oct Natwest Rugby Vase Round 2 U15 v Brunts Academy (H) 2:30KO  Q12-B45

    Tues 23 Oct ESFA Football U12b v West Park (A) 1:30 Leave return to QEGS 4:15pm (16)G  Q0-W3

    Wed 24 Oct 

    Thurs 25 Oct Last Day

    Fri 26 Oct INSET DAY

    Sat 27 Oct Hols

    Mon 29 Oct

    Tues 30 Oct

    Wed 31 Oct

    Thurs 1 Nov

    Fri 2 Nov

    Sat 3 Nov

    Mon 5 Nov First Day

    Tues 6 Nov

    Wed 7 Nov Y10 House Matches - Badminton Singles LUNCH

    Thurs 8 Nov Y10 House Matches - Mixed Volleyball LUNCH U18 Football v Tupton 2:30KO (H) Q1-T2

    Fri 9 Nov

    Sat 10 Nov Rugby v St Josephs College Newcastle UL U12, U13, Leave 8.45am Bus Station 10amko back 12.15pm U12 Q7-J4  U13 Q4-J5

    Mon 12 Nov U12 Boys and Girls Futsol (A) Anthony Gell 2:45 leave 5:30 return QEGS U12 Boys and Girls Derbyshire Dales Champions

    Tues 13 Nov ESFA U14b v Manchester Grammar (H) 2pm KO U14b Q1-M3

    Wed 14 Nov ESFA U14a v Birkdale (H) 2:30KO  U13 v Tytherington (H) U14a Q7-B0  U13 Q5-T1

    Thurs 15 Nov

    Fri 16 Nov

    Sat 17 Nov 

    Mon 19 Nov

    Tues 20 Nov Table Tennis U16 Derbyshire Finals (A) Springwell Community College  QEGS U16 finished 4th

    Wed 21 Nov ESFA U15 v De Ferres (H) 2:30KO Q2-D2 (QEGS lost 3-2 on penalty shoot-out)

    Thurs 22 Nov ESFA U16 v West Park (A) Q3-W7

    Fri 23 Nov Y7/8/9 House Cross Country

    Sat 24 Nov Rugby v Derby Grammar U13 + U14  Away Leave Bus Station 8.45am 10amko 12.00 back (53)G U13 Q6-D2  U12 Q3-D5

    Mon 26 Nov Y9/10 House Matches - Football Boothby Winners

    Tues 27 Nov

    Wed 28 Nov Y9 House Matches - Singles Badminton U16 County Cup Football v Derby Moor (H) 2pm KO Q5-D0

    Thurs 29 Nov Swimming Gala Junior/Inter/Senior Boys and Girls (A) @ Repton School 2-6pm QEGS 4th

    Fri 30 Nov Y9 House Matches - Mixed Volleyball LUNCH

    Sat 1 Dec Rugby V Fairfax Sch Sutton Coldfield U12 + U13 Away Leave Bus Station 8.30am 10amko Back 12.45pm (53) Cancelled

    Mon 3 Dec

    Tues 4 Dec Table Tennis U13 Derbyshire Finals QEGS 5th

    Wed 5 Dec

    Thurs 6 Dec

    Fri 7 Dec Derbyshire Dales District Sch Cross Country on Ashbourne Rec PM Yr7 Boys 1st/Yr7 Girls 3rd/Jnr Boys 1st/Jnr Girls 2nd

    Sat 8 Dec Rugby v King Edwards Lichfield. U12, U13, U14 Away Leave 8.45am Bus Station 10amko Back 12.30pm (53)G

    Mon 10 Dec Y9/10 House Matches - Rugby (Postponed)

    Tues 11 Dec

    Wed 12 Dec

    Thurs 13 Dec

    Fri 14 Dec

    Sat 15 Dec

    Mon 17 Dec Y10 House Matches - Hockey 4pm

    Tues 18 Dec

    Wed 19 Dec

    Thurs 20 Dec

    Fri 21 Dec Last Day

    Mon 7 Jan First Day

    Tues 8 Jan

    Wed 9 Jan

    Thurs 10 jan

    Fri 11 Jan

    Sat 12 Jan

    Mon 14 Jan

    Tues 15 jan

    Wed 16 Jan

    Thurs 17 Jan

    Fri 18 Jan DCC Football U15 V Highfields (A) 2pm KO Q1-H1 QEGS Won 8-7 on Penalties

    Sat 19 Jan Rugby v Newcastle U L High Sch  U13 + U12 Away 8:45am leave Bus Station - OFF FROZEN PITCHES

    Derbyshire Cross Country - Shipley Park, Heanor, DE75 7GX. 10:30 Start - ON.

    Mon 21 Jan

    Tues 22Jan U12 County Cup Football (H) Lost 4-3

    Wed 23 Jan

    Thurs 24 Jan

    Fri 25 Jan County Futsal Finals U12 Boys and Girls (A) Derby Erena 12pm KO  Boys + Girls both finished 5th in Derbyshire

    Sat 26 Jan Rugby v Lady Manners u12, u13 Away 8.45am leave Bus Station  OFF

    Mon 28 Jan

    Tues 29 Jan

    Wed 30 Jan

    Thurs 31 Jan

    Fri 1 Feb

    Sat 2 Feb

    Mon 4 Feb

    Tues 5 Feb Hockey v Denstone U14 away 3:30pm leave 5:45pm return

    Wed 6 Feb Football v Denstone College U15, U16 + 1st XV (A) 2:30pm KO  U15 Q2-0D  U16 Q2-1D  U18 Q1-4D

    Thurs 7 Feb

    Fri 8 Feb

    Sat 9 Feb 

    Mon 11 Feb 

    Tues 12 Feb

    Wed 13 Feb

    Thurs 14 Feb

    Fri 15 Feb Last Day

    Sat 16 Feb Hols

    Mon 18 Feb

    Tues 19 Feb

    Wed 20 Feb

    Thurs 21 Feb

    Fri 22 Feb

    Sat 23 Feb

    Mon 25 Feb First Day House Swimming Gala Y7-10

    Tues 26 Feb

    Wed 27 feb Boys Hockey V St Anselms U12 & U13 Away 3.30pm

    Thurs 28 Feb Football V Highfield U16 & U13 Away Leave 3.30pm 4.15pm KO U16 Q1-3H  U13 Q3-2H

    Fri 1 Mar

    Sat 2 Mar

    Mon 4 Mar

    Tues 5 Mar Inset Shrovetide

    Wed 6 Mar Inset Shrovetide

    Thurs 7 Mar

    Fri 8 Mar

    Sat 9 Mar

    Mon 11 Mar Y9/10 House Matches - Trampolining LUNCH - Yr7+8 Sportshall Athletics 4:20pm 

    Tues 12 Mar Football v Lady Manners U16, U13 & U12 away - Cancelled Water logged pitches

    Wed 13 Mar

    Thurs 14 Mar Football County Cup U15 v Swanick Hall (H) 2:30KO Q 2-2 S (Qegs won 4-2 on penalties)

    Fri 15 Mar

    Sat 16 Mar

    Mon 18 Mar

    Tues 19 Mar 

    Wed 20 Mar DDFL v Anthony Gell U16 (A) 3:30pm Leave

    Thurs 21 Mar

    Fri 22 Mar

    Sat 23 Mar

    Mon 25 Mar

    Tues 26 Mar U13 County Cup QF v LMS (Away - 2pm Leave, 3pm KO, 4:45pm return) QEGS 3-1 LMS

    Wed 27 Mar

    Thurs 28 Mar KS3 Derbyshire Badminton Finals 1-6pm @ John Port QEGS placed 5th in Derbyshire

    Fri 29 Mar Y7/8 House Matches - Football KS4 Derbyshire Badminton Finals 1-6pm @ John Port QEGS placed 5th in Derbyshire

    Sat 30 Mar

    Mon 1 Apr

    Tues 2 Apr U16 County Cup QF Football v Long Eaton (H) Q3-1L

    Wed 3 Apr

    Thurs 4 Apr

    Fri 5 Apr Rugby County Cup & Festivals U16, U15 & U12 Away @ LMS 4:15KO U16 County Champions, U15 + U12 Runners-up

    Sat 6 Apr

    Mon 8 Apr Y9 House Matches - Hockey 4pm Sporthall Athletics Final - Derby University (Yr7 + Yr8 Boys Yr7 Girls) 8:30 Leave Yr7 Boys County Champions, Yr8 5th.

    Tues 9 Apr 

    Wed 10 Apr Rugby County Cup & Festivals U18, U14 & U13 Away @ LMS 4:15KO U18, U14 and U13 County Runners-up

    Thurs 11 Apr

    Fri 12 Apr Last Day Y7/8 House Matches - Rugby

    Sat 13 Apr Hols

    Mon 15 Apr

    Tues 16 Apr

    Wed 17 Apr

    Thurs 18 Apr

    Fri 19 Apr

    Sat 20 Apr

    Mon 22 Apr

    Tues 23 Apr

    Wed 24 Apr

    Thurs 25 Apr

    Fri 26 Apr

    Sat 27 Apr

    Mon 29 Apr First Day

    Tues 30 Apr U16 County Cup Semi-final v Long Eaton (H) 3pm KO

    Wed 1 May Y8 House Matches - Hockey 4pm

    Thurs 2 May U13 County Cup Football Final @ South Normanton v John Port 4:30pm KO QEGS U13 County Champions

    Fri 3 May A Level Moderation

    Sat 4 May

    Mon 6 May Day Holiday

    Tues 7 May 

    Wed 8 May U15 County Cup Semi-Final v Tibshelf (H) 2:30KO QEGS 4-3 Tibshelf

    Thurs 9 May Y7 House Matches - Hockey 4pm

    Fri 10 May U15 + U16 Football County Cup Finals @ Moor Farm (Derby County) DE21 4TB - U15 4pm KO / U16 6pm KO 

    Sat 11 May

    Mon 13 May

    Tues 14 May

    Wed 15 May Track and Field Cup @ Moorways Athletics Stadium (JB/JG/IB/IG) 11:15 start 3:30pm finish

    Thurs 16 May

    Fri 17 May

    Sat 18 May

    Mon 20 May

    Tues 21 May

    Wed 22 May Athletics Combined Events @ Mount St Mary's College 1pm-7pm

    Thurs 23 May

    Fri 24 May Last Day

    Sat 25 May Hols

    Mon 27 May

    Tues 28 May

    Wed 29 May

    Thurs 30 May

    Fri 31 May

    Sat 1 Jun

    Mon 3 Jun First Day

    Tues 4 Jun

    Wed 5 Jun

    Thurs 6 Jun

    Fri 7 Jun

    Sat 8 Jun

    Mon 10 Jun

    Tues 11 Jun

    Wed 12 Jun

    Thurs 13 Jun

    Fri 14 Jun

    Sat 15 Jun

    Mon 17 Jun

    Tues 18 Jun

    Wed 19 Jun

    Thurs 20 Jun

    Fri 21 Jun Sports Day

    Sat 22 Jun

    Mon 24 Jun

    Tues 25 Jun

    Wed 26 Jun

    Thurs 27 Jun

    Fri 28 Jun Dales District Athletics Moorways Derby 9am leave 3.45pm return to bus bay (2x53)G

    Sat 29 Jun

    Mon 1 Jul 



    Thurs 4 Jul YEAR 6 TRANSITION DAY Reserve Sports Day

    Fri 5 Jul Y8/9 House Matches - Tennis LUNCH

    Sat 6 Jul

    Mon 8 Jul Y7/8/9 House Matches - Cricket

    Tues 9 Jul

    Wed 10 Jul

    Thurs 11 Jul

    Fri 12 Jul RACE FOR LIFE

    Sat 13 Jul

    Mon 15 Jul Enrichment Week

    Tues 16 Jul

    Wed 17 Jul

    Thurs 18 Jul

    Fri 19 Jul Last Day


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