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    Question, Explore, Give, Succeed - Our Skills Framework

    QEGS Ashbourne Skills Framework

    We developed this document to showcase our approach to developing skills across our school. It is a working document, we use it to improve our own skills delivery and to help others see its value.

    ‘Good character is the basis for individual and societal flourishing. Schools and teachers play a fundamental role in developing the character of young people’ Framework for Character Education 2013.


    Knowing about skills helps develop an outstanding education for all. This is because we all use skills in all areas of our lives. No matter who we are or what we do we need a wide range of skills and qualities to do them well. At Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School we spent a lot of time thinking about how to show those skills we see as the most important. We settled on our vision of an outstanding education for all and our core values of Question, Explore, Give, and Succeed. We employ our values to deliver our vision.

    Using Question, Explore, Give, and Succeed, to deliver an outstanding education for all means we see how everything we do fits together, in ways that help us to be all we can be. Our students, staff, and community are encouraged to develop the skills of great questioning; to grow their enthusiasm for exploration; to give when it is right to do so; to know how to succeed in exams and more widely in life.

    Many different skills help us to question, explore, give, and succeed. These are useful both in school and out. An outstanding education for all must offer skills that help us learn [intellectual skills], to keep going and apply ourselves [performance skills], to know right from wrong [moral skills], and to work well with and alongside others [civic skills]. Each is useful when we need to question why an answer is correct in maths; or when we wish to explore the possibilities as we write letters to future employers; or to give our time to help Primary school students discover the wonders of Science or Dance; or to know when we have truly succeeded on the sports field.

    All areas of school life contribute to our skills development. Further reading will tell you about much of these skills and offer an idea as to some of the key places where you would find some great questioning, exploration, giving, or success at QEGS.

    • The Rationale explains more about why we focus on Question, Explore, Give & Succeed, as well as offering some good examples of where this happens in school.
    • The Framework explains a little more about those different sorts of skills we develop at QEGS, and why each matter so much in today’s world.
    • Then there are some appendices that offer even more detail for those who are interested in the real nuts and bolts.

    Naturally nothing can beat seeing these skills in action, so if you would like to arrange a visit then please do let us know.


    1. Annex One - Detailed examples from the subjects
    2. Annex Two - With reference to the most able
    3. Annex Three - With reference to eligible students

    Vision and Values

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    You can request a paper copy of the information contained on this website, free of charge. Please contact Reception to arrange this.

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