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    Extra Curricular Activities

    The school has a long tradition of out of class activities. They are organised to develop our students' skills and abilities, provide an opportunity for all to excel, develop personal qualities and assist in emphasising the school as a vibrant community, rather than simply a place where children go for lessons.






    The Library is open - PC's Available
    The Library is open - PC's Available
    The Library is open - PC's Available
    The Library is open - PC's Available
    The Library is open - PC's Available
    PE - Girls Hockey Yrs 7&8 – KBo/Pra
    PE - Boys Football Yr 10 – MFa
    PE - Boys Football Yr 8 – RSm
    PE - Netball Yrs 11,12,13 – KBn
    PE - Girls Basketball all years – EWi
    Music - Ukulele Group 1.30pm Music Block
    Homework Help - 540
    Dance & Drama - Year 7-9 Street Dance 560
    Dance & Drama - Dance and dram catchup clinic 560
    Art - More Able Club, Miss Fowler - 410
    Art - GCSE catch-up, Mrs Swinburne - 412
    The Library is open - PC's Available for booking
    PE - Basketball Yrs 10,11,12,13 –MFa
    PE - Rugby Yr 8 – BHa/RSi
    PE - Girls Hockey Yrs 9&10 – KBo/PRa
    PE - Badminton all years – CFr
    PE - Sports Leaders Yrs 10&11 – LCl
    PE - KS5 PE support – KBn
    Homework Help rm 540
    Dance & Drama - Year 7-9 Musical Theatre 720
    Art - GCSE catch-up, Mrs Murphy - 410
    Art - Camera club, Mrs Powe - 415
    Psychology/Sociology - A level drop in sessions - 915 (SFC)
    The Library is open - PC's Available for booking
    PE - Boys Hockey Yrs 8,9,10,11 – MFa
    PE - Girls Hockey Yrs 11,12,13 – SMi
    PE - Netball Yr 9 – LCl Yr 10 – KBn
    PE - Boys Football Yr – SBe
    PE - Rugby Yr 7 – RSm
    PE - Workout Wednesday – KBo
    Music - Flute and Keys
    Homework Help rm 540
    Dance & Drama - All Years QEGS Dance Company 560
    Art - Year 7 - 9 catch-up, Mrs Murphy - 410
    Art - GCSE catch-up, Mrs Powe - 415
    Digital Leadership - Digital Leaders Meeting - 574
    The Library is open - PC's Available for booking
    PE - Rugby Yr 10 – MFa
    PE - Boys Football 1st & Y11 – BHa
    PE - Netball Yr 7&8 – LCl
    PE - Trampolining all years – KBn
    Homework Help rm 540
    Music - Saxophone trio and a Clarinet quartet
    Dance & Drama - Chorus Rehearsals 560
    Dance & Drama - Actors guild 560
    Art - GCSE catch-up, Miss Fowler - 412
    Art - Year 7 - 9 catch-up, Mrs Swinburne - 415
    The Library is open - PC's Available for booking
    PE - Girls Football all years – SMi/LJo
    PE - Boys Football Yr 7 – BHa
    PE - Rugby Yr 9 – SBe
    PE - Basketball Yrs 7,8,9 – MFa
    PE - BTEC PE support room 566 – KBo
    PE - GCSE PE support room 566 – RSm & KBo
    PE - A Level PE support room 566 – KBn
    Music - Senior Choir
    Homework Help rm 540
    Dance & Drama - Chorus Rehearsals 560
    History club
    'Geography in the News' newsletter group room 918 (A Week Only)
    The Library is open - PC's Available for booking
    After School
    PE - Table tennis – MFa
    PE - Netball Matches
    Dance and Drama -catch up clinic.
    PE - Football Cup Matches
    PE - Football League Matches
    PE - Netball Matches
    Dance & Drama - A Level rehearsals 560
    PE - Football Cup Matches
    PE - Rugby Cup Matches
    PE - Netball Matches
    PE - Hockey Matches
    Music - Junior Band and Primary School satellite band
    Dance & Drama - Technique Class 560
    PE - Rugby Yrs 11,12,13 – MFa
    PE - Football Cup Matches
    PE - Rugby Cup Matches
    PE - Hockey Matches
    Music - Senior Band
    Dance & Drama - LSoH rehearsals 560/Hall
    Humanities - Warhammer Club - 102 4pm-6pm
    PE - Rugby Matches Sept, Oct, March then Saturday am Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb

    Extra Curricular Activities Explained


    • KS3 Catch up sessions - a chance to use the Art departments resources/ equipment with teacher support to complete your Art homework.
    • KS3 'Camera Club' - learn and develop photography skills , as well as digital editing techniques. Own camera not essential - club may run on sign up basis.
    • KS3 'More able' club - Gifted and talented Art students are invited to attend this club to develop their existing skills as well as learn new skills. Year 7 students will be invited once class teachers have assessed a broad range of work - please speak to your teacher if you think you might qualify!


    • Netball - Netball training consists of skills and games play. We will coach the skills of attacking and defending, team tactics and strategies and also encourage and guide players to umpire and take on officiating roles. We will create teams from the participants who would like to be involved in fixtures to play after school at QEGS and at away venues over the season. The most successful team for each year will then be entered into the County Netball Tournament where they play up to 11 schools from Derbyshire for the County Cup Trophy. At years 9,11 and 6th form these competitions go through to a Regional round, playing schools from around the East Midlands.
    • We welcome players with all levels of experience and only ask you come with energy and kit!
    • Trampolining - Trampolining is a participation based club that coaches students from basic shapes to somersaults, refining one move to performing tariffed routines and basic coaching and judging experience. We will regularly use the ipad to develop your skill ready for our friendly in-house competition against local schools.
    • No experience necessary and all years welcome.

    Digital Leadership

    • The new Year 7 Digital Leaders to be recruited in the spring term.

    Key Stage 3 Book Club

    • Key Stage 3 book club open to all students in year 7, 8 and 9 ran by Mrs Betty and Eleanor Tack in 6.1

    What is Warhammer and Warhammer Club?

    • Warhammer is a table top game played with miniatures that are collected, assembled and painted by the hobbyist. Warhammer and Games Workshop have three main gaming types that are currently played at school by a variety of students. These are Warhammer 40K (Futuristic Space Battles) Warhammer Fantasy and Wahammer Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit.
    • During the two hours on Thursdays students play games with their chosen armies and sometimes paint and assemble models. We are also having a drive to create whole tabletop scenery so that battles can be more realistic. The club is not just restricted to Warhammer, ANY scale modelling or scale minature battles such as 'Flames of War' are also played and many students prefer the realistic setting of WW2.
    • The club actively encourages good social and diplomacy skills and there is a huge emphasis on rules and regulations which encompasses Literacy and Numeracy. All age groups are welcome and the club has a variety of year group attending.

    Astronomy Club

    • The School Astronomy Club meets monthly from 6.30pm-8.00pm in room 401. Students have the opportunity to use the school’s telescopes and binoculars, with help and advice from volunteers from the local White Peak Astronomical Observing Group. In the case of cloud or inclement weather, the club will still go ahead with alternative Astronomy activities on offer. Students from all years are welcome and areencouraged to join the club, and in recent years we have had students from Years 7–13 participating.

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