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    The Importance of Regular Attendance at School

    It is a parents’ legal responsibility to ensure that their child attends school regularly. Ideally a young person should aim for 100% attendance at school. The Department for Education sets a target for school attendance, which is that all school students should attend school for at least 95% of each academic year. The QEGS expectation is at least 96%.

    Any absence from school disrupts the education of a student. Young people who do not attend school regularly:-

    • Do not achieve their best possible academic outcomes
    • Do not engage with the full range of educational opportunities available to them
    • Compromise their future educational and employment opportunities
    • Find it difficult to maintain friendships

    The attached “Lost Learning” information sheet clearly illustrates the impact of days missed from school. Although 96% attendance might sound high, in fact this equates to a student being absent for almost 2 school weeks (49 lessons missed). Students whose attendance falls below 96% are considered to be below the expected QEGS standard.

    Absence from school can only be authorised by the Headteacher within the boundaries set by the Education (Pupil Registration, England, Amendment) regulations (Sept 2013). All unauthorised absence taken in term time will be referred to Derbyshire County Council with the request that a Penalty Notice is issued. Please see the attached statement from Derbyshire County Council with regard to the issue of penalty notices.

    Students whose attendance gives cause for concern will be referred to the Education Welfare Officer within the local multi-agency team. Given the importance of students attending school regularly, all QEGS Rewards trips/events have the attendance criteria of 96% set which students must achieve in order to participate in any rewards events.

    Whilst we appreciate that students’ attendance may be affected by periods of ill health or other mitigating circumstances, we ask that you continue to ensure that your child attends school in line with the targets set for school attendance.

    If you would like at any time to discuss your child’s attendance data, then please contact their Progress Leader:

    • Year 7 - Miss L Clayton (Extension 1505 | clayton@qegs.email) or Mr J Conlon (Extension 1525 | conlonj@qegs.email)
    • Year 8 - Mrs G Bains (Extension 1422 | bains@qegs.email)
    • Year 9 - Mr M Posmyk (Extension 1670 | posmyk@qegs.email)
    • Year 10 - Mrs J March (Extension 1562 | march@qegs.email)
    • Year 11 - Mr C Flynn (Extension 1235 | flynn@qegs.email)
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    What to do if...

    ...Your child is unwell and unable to attend school

    If your child is unwell at home and unable to attend school because of illness, then you must phone school to report the absence, before 9.00am. To do this simply phone 01335 343 685 and ask to speak to Student Services. On their return to school, they should bring a letter from home explaining their absence.

    ...Your child has a medical appointment during the school day

    If your child has a medical appointment during the school day they should bring a copy of their appointment letter (if applicable) and/or a letter from home explaining the need to leave school early that day. Your child will need to get this letter signed by their Progress Leader and take it to Student Services to sign out at the agreed time.

    ...You wish to request leave during term time

    Please download, complete and return this form - Leave of Absence Request Form.
    Please note – The Education (Pupil Registration) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2013 state that Headteachers should not grant approval for any leave of absence during term-time including holidays, unless there are exceptional circumstances. From 1st September 2017, if requested, Derbyshire County Council will consider the issue of a penalty notice for any period of holiday absence which has not been authorised by the Headteacher regardless of a child’s wider school attendance. - Extract taken from the leave of absence guidance.

    School Attendance

    It is clearly in the best interests of every student that they attend school regularly and hence we have a very high expectation of students’ rate of attendance. It is a parental responsibility to ensure that students are at school on time, properly dressed and equipped, and in a fit condition to learn. However, there may be very good reasons why your child cannot attend and we would ask you to inform the school immediately should this situation arise.

    If your son or daughter is ill, you are asked to contact the school by phone, but also to provide a note when they return to school. Provided that the reason for absence falls within the regulations set down by the Department for Education, the absence will be recorded as ‘authorised’. Absence that falls outside these regulations, or is not supported by a note, is deemed to be ‘unauthorised’ and will be recorded as such.

    If an illness is likely to involve an absence for a more prolonged period then you are at liberty to ask for work to be sent home. This is especially important in years of major public examinations. For such students every effort will be made to help them catch up on work missed.

    The Department for Education have made amendments to the regulations with regard to school attendance. Previously, Headteachers were allowed to grant leave of absence during term time of up to 10 school days if the leave of absence application met the criteria set out by the Department for Education.

    Since 1st September 2013, this has no longer been the case. Under new regulations, schools are no longer allowed to authorise leave of absence for family holidays. Headteachers may not grant any leave of absence for students during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances.

    Any leave of absence taken without authorisation will be recorded as unauthorised absence and may be referred to Derbyshire’s Education Welfare Service.

    Overall, attendance at the school is very good and we aim to work with all parents to ensure that it remains consistently high. Please be aware that rates of attendance are automatically requested by all potential employers and Further Education providers.

    If you need any further information on school attendance please contact your child's Progress Leader.

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